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  1. I agree with you. It's all about to her. But let's be honest,she is working less, changed her behavior and is almost a shadow of Leo. And I don't get why Nina or women in general do this to be with to be with a man. You can still be a own person even when you're in a relationship. If Leo expected that from a women to be with her, it's better not to be with him. So I'm hoping this ends soon, cause I don't have the feeling that Nina by herself would go back to normal. btw. leo could go back to work too. it's about time.
  2. I would love that Nina looks fantastic in most of the SI and Maxim shoots. love to see so many new working stuff of her. Don't like everything from the SI Event but that depends on her stylist Friend that Jamie Girl. Don't like everything she chooses for Nina. Between the last week you could see how different Nina acts when she is not with Leo. She is posting so much. Not only her working stuff,which she should promote,but also some fun videos with her friends. Okay it's not all her posts,sometimes she is just on someone's insta story. But that's the girl I missed. Hope she continues working and that the Leo-Story ends soon.
  3. The pics are old. Just look at they're closes. I'm not in NY, but i'm sure that it's not that warm. Don't know why the guy posted the pictures now.
  4. Any Ideas why Nina isn´t posting on her IG anymore? Lost a bet? Accept challenge of one month not posting? It´s really weird with her the last couple month don´t you think? Any hints that she has been working this year? Many models a busy right now, but Nina? It makes me sad that she neglects her career.
  5. Yes, she definitely has changed her behavior. Not only with the papz. Just look on her IG, nothing to see from the open, friendly and funny girl she was before start dating Leo.
  6. Thanks for all the updates, ladies! Does that mean that Nina is or was shooting the days in colombia? Great to see her working that much lately. But know, i hope that she has a break for the holidays to spend some time with her family and friends.
  7. Happy to see that she worked that much lately. Hope she will continue in the new year and push her career. Runaway is definitely not her thing. I think, she said tha a while ago about herself. Don´t think that this a problem, there are so many other things to do. She just need to push her career more than she did the last half year.
  8. How sad, i really was hoping Nina is shooting right now. But okay, so i hope she has a great time with her family in Denmark.
  9. @dicaprihoes thanks. Didn't knew that. Always thought that every think on Instastory just happened.
  10. It would be great if Nina would shoot something
  11. But she has a Instastory from that place on her IG. Is it possible to upload a old video that you have on you phone on Instastory?
  12. @MarVS what does that mean? It's not a new pic from today?
  13. Oh wow, she is working there. I'm surprised. So I better be quite.
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