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  1. Wow Camila was his date to the Oscars and does that mean they are serious? Leo is in uncharted territory now LMAO Last time he brought gisele to the oscars was more to save their relationship.
  2. Oh still together? okur 😆 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7937647/Leonardo-DiCaprio-45-enjoys-date-night-Camila-Morrone-22-pal-Kevin-Harts-comedy-gig.html
  3. When he was in Tokyo promoting a film, the reporter asked him if he indeed injured himself while filming Django and he said yeah told her the reporter EXACT WORDS "its pretty cool story to tell MY KIDS one day " --- MIN 0.30 onward. I swoon when he said that lmao because no one prompt him in any way to talk about wife/marriage or even kids. He said it himself ".....my kids one day"
  4. On the red carpet thing, don't think he will bring Camila. The only reason he brought G to the Oscars to salvage their relationship.
  5. @BarbieErin Is Gossip Cop the reliable one? I guess people are speculating they broke up because she wasn't seen with him after GG parties.
  6. It's weird that Camila keeps on talking about her relationship with Leo but to only contradict it with how she hates the negative attention it brings. If u want to keep a low key relationship, then how about stop talking about it to the media?
  7. OMG I feel so bad for Camila because that picture she looks so bored and kinda sad? She dresses up so nicely and he didn't even look at her or put down his phone. But again, at this point I think Camila doesn't need Leo (Im sure she knows he won't settle down with her and their whole relationship is definitely not LOVE)... Her career should be fine without him now..whatever is said about her, she deserves to be with a man that actually looks at her, give her all the attention etc. What is Leo's problem? sorry not sorry to him if he ends up like jack nicholson
  8. Leo photos with Cami in Aspen looks like a couple in love... before this, he just straight up ignoring her pda lmao.
  9. Might sound cray but what if there is a hint of truth in it lmao... I'm saying this based on the fact camila actually spoke about Leo and acknowledge the fact 'yes I'm seeing Leo Dicaprio ' to the media. Don't think any of his exes talked about him in interviews before.. But then Cami could also be just like the rest of his previous relationships, he barely pays attention to them or be all gentlemanly. No pap photos of them scream a man in love lol
  10. I think him wearing a baseball cap, hoodie and some other clothes to be in disguise actually do the opposite. People are just gonna wonder who the heck is that... Why can't Leo dress up like everyone else? Although I have to say I stan his DGAF fashion sense lmao. Again, im barely a teen when Leo Mania are at it's peak hence I can't fathom his desire to cover up whenever he is outside
  11. He is so young at heart that its cray to think he is almost 50 haha
  12. I think so too. She is actually short for runaway but passable for editorials. Reminds of Hailey Baldwin, she's around the same height as her and get all these vogue covers because of their highly publicised relationship.
  13. yeah the attention both Ri and leo bring will def break the relationship sooner or later
  14. how tall is camila? she looks tall but in photos, there are not supermodel tall if that makes sense... since her bf has a thing for leggy girls
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