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  1. The One magazine. I hope someone will scan the rest of it
  2. one only question...what is? Richard Phillips` work http://icon.panorama.it/eventi/donne-e-pop-art-lultimo-cliche/
  3. click to see all pictures. nsfw http://postimg.org/gallery/81ecf2og/0d53b929/
  4. thanks for all the new pictures! i´m excited to see her doing so much work even with her busy acting schedule. I´ve read in the italian press something about her being the new muse of Dolce & Gabanna and on this photographer´s page http://www.manfredig...nal/41358758324 she is being congratulated about it. anyone knows more ?if it´s true i know she´d sure fit in their campaigns with her sultry italian look and here are some random pictures i havent seen posted here yet
  5. New haircut pictures on her fb page! Before and after! she looks so cute.
  6. thanks ccc. i suppose it is an old ed or swimsuit campaign since we cant find more info on it and miranda looks like a baby uploaded some random pics, some are reposts, but who cares?
  7. i thought it was anyway, im more interested in cat than in miranda. found a new wella commercial http://www.rickwellman.com/koleston also, does anyone have the vogue italia issue in which cat appeared? http://mragroup.blog...11-italian.html
  8. thanks a bunch! is this her with miranda?
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