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Kelly Palcy

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[center][b][size=6]Kelly Palcy[/size][/b]

[attachment=4190940:th_tumblr_lzfu45NHap1r24ga0o1_400 new.jpg][/center]

height: 179
bust: 86
waist: 63
hips: 88
shoe size: 41

Seeing this girl pop up every now and again as of recently. Don't know much else than she is signed with WOMEN MANAGEMENT in Paris. I like her look quite a lot and thought she should have her own topic, in hope that she'll get much more work we can add here in the near future. Here's what I could find of her so far, mostly from womenmanagement.fr, but also a bit from tumblr.
[attachment=4190902:b_1567_112356.jpg] [url="http://www.imagebam.com/image/c7bd33182918808"][img]http://thumbnails26.imagebam.com/18292/c7bd33182918808.jpg[/img][/url] [attachment=4190905:b_1567_112358.jpg] [attachment=4190910:b_1567_112359.jpg]
[attachment=4190912:b_1567_112360.jpg] [url="http://www.imagebam.com/image/9f8018182918829"][img]http://thumbnails26.imagebam.com/18292/9f8018182918829.jpg[/img][/url] [attachment=4190916:b_1567_112362.jpg] [attachment=4190923:b_1567_112364.jpg]
[attachment=4190924:index.jpg] [attachment=4190926:Issey Miyake Fall 2012 3vk-1p7z1syl.jpg] [attachment=4190930:Issey Miyake Fall 2012 sMp_6ouTtgXl.jpg] [attachment=4190933:tumblr_lzfu45NHap1r24ga0o1_400.jpg]
[attachment=4190934:tumblr_m0k08htZyU1r5txbe.jpg] [attachment=4190935:tumblr_m0kugl4KPZ1qaayjvo1_500.jpg] [attachment=4190936:tumblr_m0kuhhYJl71qaayjvo1_500.jpg] [attachment=4190937:tumblr_m1s8tbRbxy1qadyf4.jpg]

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