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Zac Posen S/S 2012

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[attachment=2577273:00010h.jpg] [attachment=2577280:00020h.jpg] [attachment=2577282:00030h.jpg] [attachment=2577285:00040h.jpg] [attachment=2577286:00050h.jpg] [attachment=2577287:00060h.jpg] [attachment=2577288:00070h.jpg] [attachment=2577289:00080h.jpg] [attachment=2577290:00090h.jpg] [attachment=2577291:00100h.jpg] [attachment=2577292:00110h.jpg] [attachment=2577293:00120h.jpg] [attachment=2577294:00130h.jpg] [attachment=2577295:00140h.jpg] [attachment=2577296:00150h.jpg] [attachment=2577298:00160h.jpg] [attachment=2577300:00170h.jpg] [attachment=2577301:00180h.jpg] [attachment=2577305:00190h.jpg][url="http://http:%20//postimage.org/image/ft9a33lh9/"][img]http://s6.postimage.org/ft9a33lh9/00200h.jpg[/img][/url] [attachment=2577308:00210h.jpg] [attachment=2577310:00220h.jpg] [attachment=2577311:00230h.jpg] [attachment=2577312:00240h.jpg] [attachment=2577314:00250h.jpg] [attachment=2577315:00260h.jpg] [attachment=2577317:00270h.jpg] [attachment=2577318:00280h.jpg] [attachment=2577323:00290h.jpg] [attachment=2577326:00300h.jpg] [attachment=2577328:00310h.jpg] [attachment=2577331:00320h.jpg] [attachment=2577334:00330h.jpg] [attachment=2577338:00340h.jpg] [attachment=2577339:00350h.jpg]

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[b]Models:[/b] (in order of appearance)
1. Coco Rocha
2. Hailey Clauson
3. Herieth Paul
4. Ping Hue Cheung
5. Alla Kostromichova
6. Daiane Conterato
7. Eniko Mihalik
8. Laura Love
9. Siri Tollerod
10. Kinee Diouf
11. Irina Kulikova
12. Theres Alexandersson
13. Liisa Winkler
14. Danni Li
15. Suzie Bird
16. Anna Cleveland
17. Elsa Sylvan
18. Bonnie Chen
19. Aminata Niaria
20. Ming Xi
21. Mia Rosing
22. Emily Senko
23. Brenda Kranz
24. Aline Weber
25. Kendra Spears
26. Marike Le Roux
27. Maryna Linchuk
28. Monika Sawicka
29. Olga Sherer
30. Melodie Monrose
31. Constance Jablonski
32. Lindsey Wixson
33. Bruna Tenorio
34. Sessilee Lopez
35. Coco Rocha

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