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Cara Delevingne

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INSTAGRAM: daniellarech
7 h. ago
Check out portraits I shot from castings of @kannonrajah words by @louisadekievit in this months @bazaaraustralia @caradelevingne



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Michelle Rodriquez & Cara Delevingne stop by to say hello!!

January 13, 2014

facebook bigcatencounters






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Some stuff I found on flickr


BTS DKNY Campaign at Times Square, october 2013

post-65198-0-1446096891-53484_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446096891-5593_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446096891-58382_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446096891-60682_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446096891-62847_thumb.jpg 


VSFS 2013

post-65198-0-1446096891-65967_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446096891-66866_thumb.jpg 


Ports 1961 F/W 13.14 Milan

post-65198-0-1446096891-70095_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446096891-73189_thumb.jpg 

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Yves Saint Laurent




From 'Marie Claire' France - March 2014





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9 febr. 2014: Cara & Will Heard leaving Prince Concert, London

post-65198-0-1446096903-21259_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446096903-40308_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446096904-01538_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446096904-40073_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446096905-35833_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446096905-89176_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446096905-93317_thumb.jpg 


10 febr. 2014: Cara and her father Charles Delevingne head out for a evening to a charity auction and dinner for the 'Old Vic Theatre' held at Chirsties, London

post-65198-0-1446096905-95742_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446096905-99199_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446096906-02862_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446096906-0635_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446096906-30288_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446096906-65743_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446096906-82664_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446096906-84976_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446096906-87424_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446096906-89341_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446096906-92119_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446096906-94539_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446096906-97947_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446096906-9903_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446096906-99885_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446096907-0207_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446096907-0416_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446096907-05265_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446096907-06173_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446096907-07927_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446096907-09158_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446096907-10444_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446096907-1135_thumb.jpg 

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Drew Jarrett Photoshoot for LOVE Magazine Spring/Summer 2014

+ 2 without text from Drew Jarrett's insta



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