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Amelia Cooke


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Hey! I've been checking out the site a while and finally thought I'd register and contribute. Anyway I was watching Tilt the other night and noticed her. Here is her bio:

Amelia Cooke is a gorgeous rising star who first came to the public's attention in a big way in the movie "Species III", the sequel to the sci-fi film series originally starring Natasha Henstridge. Amelia is a model/actress, and can currently be seen in the ESPN original TV series "Tilt."

Born in Colorado but raised in Toronto, Cooke got an early start in the arts, studying at the National Ballet in Canada for ten years and touring with the Canadian National Ballet as a student. In 1997 she was awarded the "Outstanding Athlete of the Year" in Toronto. In addition to studying ballet, Cooke also began pursuing modeling and soon won the "Elite Look of the Year" model search in Canada, going on to work as a model in Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Australia and Germany.

Two-and-a-half years ago she moved to Los Angeles to continue modeling and to pursue acting. Like most actors she got her start in commercials, appearing in over 37 national, international and foreign-made commercials in the last 18 months. Some of the ads she has been spotted in include Old Spice, Aquafina, Tropicana, Vidal Sasson, Verizon, Target, Hanes, Hallmark, Honda and Cola-light. She currently makes her home in Los Angeles.

...and some pics:

exs.jpgth_tilt020ax.jpg/monthly_02_2005/post-741-0-1598669167-31234_thumb.jpg" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt="regime.jpg">



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[25,20 Mo ; 2 min 33 sec ; 640x352 ; avi] >>> Tilt (1x02)

[09,24 Mo ; 1 min 26 sec ; 640x352 ; avi] >>> Tilt (1x03)

[04,68 Mo ; 0 min 53 sec ; 640x352 ; avi] >>> Tilt (1x04)

[16,10 Mo ; 2 min 42 sec ; 640x352 ; avi] >>> Tilt (1x06)

[05,43 Mo ; 1 min 05 sec ; 608x336 ; avi] >>> Tilt (1x07)

[03,31 Mo ; 0 min 43 sec ; 608x336 ; avi] >>> Tilt (1x08)

= http://www.filesonic.com/file/53187413 - (6 vidéos ; 62,80 Mo ; rar)

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