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Caroline de Bruijn

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Caroline de Bruijn is a Dutch actress, born juli 31, 1962 in Dordrecht. She spent her youth in Valkenswaard and Eindhoven and left for Study in Amsterdam at The age of 17. She studied and  graduated in law at The University, and at The National Ballet Academy. Later she took lessons in acting and singing and learned her heart was to go for an acting career.


First she had roles  in musicals and Some supporting roles in TV. Since she got a role as Janine Elschot in Dutch longest running soap Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden, she established her name as Dutch celebrity and actress. Besides other activities in movie and on stage, she is stil plating Janine Elschot in GTST.


74BD74FB-9098-4540-B36C-579406E6DDB2.jpeg 3AFDAC64-DAB4-4F3D-B3DB-CB4AE1F793FE.jpeg AF7A855D-A609-4BC7-8871-908EA80885A7.jpeg 4BA024FF-132A-46FA-B4CD-1ADDB306E3F0.jpeg C0011581-7C79-4E7B-85AA-4E83634A463B.jpeg C19EE228-9D9A-42BE-8E16-782302F5634E.jpeg 3A25A58C-0E08-47BD-BE8B-BD7854421E5C.jpeg 4720BA44-92A9-4B0F-A4AB-26468CC5BCBC.jpeg A0C98114-83CE-4FAD-8BD4-BDFCA40A8FB2.jpeg 59CBCE24-80F9-40F7-B4A5-FA6E85F5105A.jpeg

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