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Ashley Scott


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Ashley Scott

Ashley McCall Scott (born July 13, 1977) is an American actress. She is known for her work on television and in film, including her roles in the television series Dark Angel and Birds of Prey.

Early life

Scott was born in Metairie, Louisiana to Joe Scott, a nurse,(www.ashleyscotthaven.com)and Andrea Meister, an administrative assistant. She was raised in Charleston, South Carolina as the middle child between two brothers.

Scott began her career as a young girl when she began modeling. While living in Charleston she entered a Millie Lewis Talent Competition. Though she forgot her TV commercial, she was so good on her recovery, that she won her division. After Millie Lewis and her sophomore year of high school, Scott went to New York at the age of fifteen to pursue her modeling career. She traveled, trying different markets and eventually became a model for Elite Miami. She settled in Miami, was an active catalogue model and a Giorgio Red spokesmodel. As a young woman, she modeled internationally and graced the runways at fashion shows in Miami, Paris and London. She has appeared on the cover of the prestigious Hollywood Reporter and has been tracked by photographers from such publications as Women's Wear Daily, US Weekly and Cosmo Girl.


Scott decided to give acting a go and one of her first auditions was with Al Pacino (for the film Simone). When asked how she felt about the audition she said, "I'm dyslexic, so I was more frightened about reading in front of someone whether it be Al Pacino or, you know, anybody. I was more paranoid about that, but, you know, it was cool. It was just like sitting down with regular old people. But he's pretty magical. He's pretty spectacular." She did not win the role, but her audition tape for the Al Pacino film landed in the offices of Dreamworks. She was then cast in another film that led to her first significant big screen credit, a few seconds as Gigolo Jane in the feature film AI: Artificial Intelligence in which she shared screen time with Jude Law's Gigolo Joe character.

In 2001, Scott also broke into television when she was cast as Asha Barlow in the second season of Fox's hit science fiction series Dark Angel. This role was her first major acting role. Her character was an ally to cyber journalist Logan Cale (played by Michael Weatherly) and part of a group formed to expose government corruption. The Dark Angel staff liked her enough to try to revise the formerly bookish character to fit Ashley's personality and they also quickly promoted her from a guest star to a regular cast member.

In February 2002, while still featured in her recurring role on Dark Angel, it was announced that Scott was cast as Helena Kyle, better known as the superhero called the Huntress in the pilot episode of a possible upcoming WB series about post-Batman Gotham City and a trio of female crime fighters known as the Birds of Prey (loosely based on the DC comic of the same name).

Scott did do most of her own stunt work for this pilot episode. She has been quoted as saying "I want to do as much as I can, legally as much as I can. I like to get my hands dirty, so, yeah, hopefully back handsprings will come." She studied Tai Kwan Do and gymnastics with a Trainer in preparation for the role of Huntress. Filming the pilot cut short Scott's time on Dark Angel, but it turned out that Dark Angel would not be returning in the fall. She gained a few fans as Huntress in the WB's Birds of Prey in the fall of 2002, but that show had a short run and ended mid-season. Ashley followed her work on Birds of Prey with feature films appearances in such films as S.W.A.T, Trespassing, Walking Tall, and Into the Blue.

Scott was originally cast in the pilot of the NBC Matt LeBlanc sitcom Joey in 2004, but she was replaced by Andrea Anders. She has a minor role in the picture 2005 film Just Friends, as a nurse. As of 2006, she appears in the CBS drama Jericho, where she plays Emily Sullivan.

Personal life

Scott resides in Los Angeles and is married to Anthony Scott Rhulen. She has two pet Australian tree frogs named Azul and Chunk. She once had a tongue ring and has two tattoos, one on her lower back and another of her husband's initials on the back of her neck. She enjoys horseback riding, fishing, cooking and hanging out with her friends. She loves the McRib from McDonald's. Her favorite comic book hero is The Incredible Hulk.


Jericho (2006) (TV series) as Emily

Strange Wilderness (2006) as Cheryl

Deceit aka The America Standard (2006)

Puff. Puff, Pass aka Easier Softer Way (2006) as Elise

Just Friends (2005) as Nurse Janice

Lost (film) as Operator Judy (voice work only) (2004)

Into the Blue as Amanda (2004)

Joey (TV Series) as Allison (2004) (un-aired pilot episode only)

Walking Tall as Deni (2004)

Evil Remains (film) as Sharon (2003)

S.W.A.T. as Lara (2003)

Birds of Prey (TV series) as Helena Kyle/ The Huntress (2002- 2003)

Dark Angel season 2 (TV series) as Asha Barlow (reoccurring 2001 - 02)

02x01 - Designate This

02x02 - Bag 'Em

02x03 - Proof of Purchase

02x04 - Radar Love

02x05 - Boo

02x08 - Gill Girl

02x10 - Brainiac

02x12 - Borrowed Time

02x17 - Hello, Goodbye

02x18 - Dawg Day Afternoon

AI: Artificial Intelligence as Gigolo Jane (2001)

On Air with Ryan Seacrest

Episode dated 7 April 2004 (2004) TV Episode .... Herself

The Wayne Brady Show

Episode dated 1 April 2004 (2004) TV Episode .... Herself




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Pirates Of The Caribbean premiere - May 19th

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th_59986_AshleyScottPiratesOfTheCaribbeanAtWorldsEndpremiereatDisneyland04_122_49lo.jpg th_59993_AshleyScottPiratesOfTheCaribbeanAtWorldsEndpremiereatDisneyland05_122_58lo.jpgth_60005_AshleyScottPiratesOfTheCaribbeanAtWorldsEndpremiereatDisneyland07_122_117lo.jpg




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