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Nicholas Rogers


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ok let me introduce

this man

his name nicholas rogers ex model/actor from australia

Nicholas Rogers was born in Sydney, Australia, on March 6th, 1969. (That would make him 37 now)

His parents and brothers Steve and Tim still live near Sydney. His father wanted him to finish school sucessfully and work for his enterprise, but Nicholas was a young rebel and spent his lessons rather on the beach than in school.

When he was 10 he ran away from home once and was placed in a boarding school as punishment. At 17, he graduated from school. At 20, he got connected with a big American Fashion company. Being sure that this job wouldn't interest him forever, he started working as model and modelled jeans for two years, when he suddenly got the message from his agent that an Italian film director had seen him and wanted to meet him.

Curious, Nicholas took a plane to Rome where he immediatly was cast as 'Tarabas' in 'Princess Fantaghiro'/'The Cave of the Golden Rose'. After that, his acting career started and he got the leading roles as a pirate, and a comic artist. He models and works for famous companies as Lagerfeld, Ray Ban and Chiemsee. He also won the "Pop Rocky Award" in Germany for one of the three best Actors in the early 1998. (Info found at IMDb.com)


- The Razor's Edge (2005) (as Nick Rogers) .... Nameless

- Maria, figlia del suo figlio (2000) (TV) .... Jesus

... aka Maria: Daughter of Her Son (International: English title)

- "Caraibi" (1999) (mini) TV Series .... Ferrante 'Malasorte' Albrizzi

... aka Piraten der Karibik (Germany)

- Laura non c'

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MjAtaura, yeah, his is extremely sexy with his hair tousled! :drool:

*Venlian*, I believe every woman in the film is dying to touch his hair and let it pass through the fingers and caress it. So as every woman watching the film wants it too. :)

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