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Ilse de Lange is a Dutch singer songwriter, mainly in active in country but also pop. She is born in Almelo, may 13, 1977.

It took some time for she made a break in music. She build up her career first by doing playback shows and than live performances. In 1994 she played at the Dutch Country Awards and  made impression with her performance. Warner Bros got in touch woth her for a deal, but still it took 2 years before she got her first record deal. In 1998 she travelled to Nashville with the band Cash on Delivery and recorded her debut album "World of Hurt" with top producer Barry Beckett. allthough an American career did not happen, she did got a lot of attention in The Netherlands and the start of an impressive career in het country. 


"I'm not so Tough" was her first singel and was a succes in the Dutch charts which boosted the sales of her debut album. She got awards; TMF and Edison. She kept a big status as singer songwriter in The Netherlands and got some succes in other European countries. That succes in Europe got much bigger after she represented The Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014 in Denmark. She stratyed for this contest a band The Common Linnets with Dutch singer Waylon. They got a 2nd place, a big succes for The Netherlands and the start for European succes for Ilse. 

Allthough Waylon left the band due to different point of view about the band between Waylon and Ilse.


besides singin and composing  Ilse de Lange is coach and jury in Dutch TV talent show The Voice of Holland.

She also did a TV show with several Dutch singers in Nashville. In every episode is one guest who could choose what about American music was importsant to her or him.

In december 2017 Ilse got a role in ABC musical drama serie Nashville.




8f58a17b-37b0-4aa4-b29d-9f5dab3eedff.jpg 249977_image-6925051.JPG 1524137913_IlseDeLange.jpg ilse_delange.png ilse1.jpg ilse2.jpg ilse3.jpg ilse4.jpg Ilse-van-alle-markten-thuis-op-Tuckerville.jpeg image.jpg.aa0f23a1f04cda6d2b0d4a970d282faf.jpg

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