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"Since I have not yet commented on my contract termination at SC Freiburg, I would like to do something in more detail: I have not made this decision out of an affect out. I did not make that decision because of too much pressure to perform, too little playing time or any athletic reasons. I made this decision because I lost the passion for football. I have made this decision because I can not bear to get the feeling that I am not enough again and again. I made this decision because I simply can not identify with the structures of German women's football anymore. I have tried my life to integrate into these structures and have tried to adapt. But maybe I was just not born for adaptation. I had such great moments in the Bundesliga and I'm grateful for that. I have met many of my best friends through the most beautiful sports in the world. Among other things, football has made me the person I am today. But I want to get to know more facets of myself. I want to see more. And: I want to be me. Thanks to the SC Freiburg and its management for his understanding and condolences. That is not self-evident. However, before I hang up my shoes, I owe it to 5-year-old Rachel to give her a year-long love again a chance. Fortunately, I may first of all keep the Swiss National Team, what really means a lot to me, because this team with players and staff has grown incredibly dear to my heart. The team was always able to uphold the last spark of passion in me. How is it going to continue for me?

I will play for the Israeli club ASA Tel Aviv until the end of the season."



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