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Edurne Garcia

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Edurne García Almagro (born on 22 December 1985), known professionally as Edurne, is a Spanish singer, actress, and TV presenter. She rose to fame in late 2005 when she took part in the Spanish casting showOperación Triunfo on Telecinco and finished in sixth place in 2006. She represented Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 with the song "Amanecer".


 Mujer Hoy (Spain) June 27, 2015


post-49597-0-1446022833-8513_thumb.jpg  post-49597-0-1446022833-86335_thumb.jpg post-49597-0-1446022833-86938_thumb.jpg post-49597-0-1446022833-88771_thumb.jpg


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VIM (Spain) Summer 2015


post-49597-0-1446022841-08945_thumb.jpg  post-49597-0-1446022841-10453_thumb.jpg  post-49597-0-1446022841-12209_thumb.jpg      post-49597-0-1446022841-12931_thumb.jpg  post-49597-0-1446022841-13756_thumb.jpg  post-49597-0-1446022841-14594_thumb.jpg  post-49597-0-1446022841-7471_thumb.jpg      post-49597-0-1446022842-48726_thumb.jpg  post-49597-0-1446022843-30319_thumb.jpg  post-49597-0-1446022844-09593_thumb.jpg    post-49597-0-1446022845-28083_thumb.jpg  post-49597-0-1446022846-47137_thumb.jpg  post-49597-0-1446022846-51774_thumb.jpg    post-49597-0-1446022846-55797_thumb.jpg  post-49597-0-1446022846-59281_thumb.jpg  post-49597-0-1446022846-64448_thumb.jpg

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