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height 5'8 / bust 32C / waist 26 / hips 36 / dress 8 / shoe 8 / hair blonde / eyes blue

Agencies: RMG Models, VisABLE, Ben Barry Agency

Kelly Knox is a dedicated and passionate “crusader” for Diversity in Fashion with the aim to dismiss society’s preconceptions about what it means to be disabled. She wants to challenge the perception of what it means to be beautiful within the fashion industry. She says: “I would like to see disability normalised in fashion.”

kelly-1-headshot2-e1292472868659.jpg kelly_knox.jpg 4b4e1db784638.jpg alg-kellyknox-jpg.jpg IMG_0126-Copy-e1368158206172.jpg
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Think New Campaign - OSLO CITY

By Fred Jonny

Model Kelly Knox strikes a pose (or two) for Oslo City shopping centre’s newly released groundbreaking fashion campaign “Tenk Nytt” or “Think New.”   Winner of Britain’s Missing Top Model , Kelly continues to break fashion barriers with this latest campaign. 

4fa7e08c665e0.jpg 4fa7e0c8c5eec.jpg
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Marie Claire China April 2013

Kelly Knox:

So many people strive to ‘look perfect’ – I am not perfect, I accept myself for who I am. Your looks are not everything. The people you love, your health and inner happiness is what matters the most. So do not beat yourself up trying to be perfect, perfection does not exist – If this world was perfect, there would be no wars, no crimes, no third world countries, no suffering and no pain.

We all have our flaws, revel in your every imperfection knowing that you are beautiful in your very own unique way.

It really is okay to be you.

Diversity in Fashion, Diversity NOW!!

mc1.jpg mc2.jpg mc31.jpg mc4.jpg
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Debenhams has become the first high street retailer in the UK to promote its latest fashion collections by using models in a diverse variety of ages, sizes and uniquenesses for their Summer Look Book.

The campaign made the press including The Daily Mail , The Evening Standard and my photo appeared in British Vogue magazine! Exciting times indeed!

Source: Kelly Knox.com



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