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Alyssa Bernal


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Alyssa Bernal is singer from Texas, USA. She is best known on the YouTube community.

The up-and-coming singer’s story is much like post-62633-0-1446080747-56389_thumb.jpg‘s, only with Pharrell Williams as her admirer instead of Usher. Alyssa shared that Pharrell even tried contacting her high school in Texas to get a hold of her, saying, “They didn’t know who Pharrell was! They just thought it was some shady guy trying to get a hold of me!”

Her EP, out on iTunes and Amazon now, also includes a duet with Lifehouse‘s Jason Wade. He shared of the duet, “I just loved her voice. We sang both of the choruses out there together in the same mic-room, kind of an old-school way of recording.”

Alyssa‘s debut album, In Love Again For the First Time, is due out


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Alyssa Bernal shimmers and shines on the red carpet at the 2012 American Music Awards held at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on Sunday (November 18) in Los Angeles.

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