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Kirsten Dunst


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Kirsten's career started out in television commercials at the age of three, with a baby doll commercial. This sexy, blue eyed blond has managed to survive the child to adult star transition, and is now part of the new generation of vixen actresses, like Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jessica Biel or Neve Campbell.

Although Kirsten is a young actress, she is an accomplished professional, and is living proof that age is not a measure of one's talent or success. Kirsten made her feature film debut in a segment of Woody Allen's film "New York Stories". Kirsten made her breakthrough performance in "Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles" along side stars Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. Her performance earned her a Golden Globe nomination, the MTV Award for Best Breakthrough Performance and the Saturn award for Best Young Actress. In 1995, she was named one of People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People.

Kirsten was born on April 30, 1982, in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. Her mother, Inez, is an artist, her father is an executive, and she has one brother, Christian. Kirsten graduated from Notre Dame High School in Los Angeles.

Kirsten recently has had an outstanding performance as Lux Lisbon in Sofia Coppola's directorial debut, "The Virgin Suicides", about the sexually curious and rebellious daughter of overprotective parents, played by Kathleen Turner and James Woods. She also has been in her recurring role of Hedril in Star Trek: The Next Generation, and unfortunately never got the chance to perform opposite Jeri Ryan who is part of the Star Trek Voyager series. Kristen provided her voice for the animated film "Anastasia", and has also landed a role in "Little Women", with Winona Ryder, and the comedy "Greedy", with Kirk Douglas.

Kirsten presently lives in Burbank, California, with her mother, brother Christian, her two cats, and the family dog Beauty. When not acting, Kristen enjoys playing the piano, listening to music, especially Jewel, and playing softball.


Her filmography

Elizabethtown (2005) (pre-production) .... Claire Colburn

Wimbledon (2004) (post-production) .... Lizzie Bradbury

Spider-Man 2 (2004) .... Mary Jane Watson

Spider-Man 2: The Game (2004) (VG) (voice) .... Mary Jane Watson

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) .... Mary

Mona Lisa Smile (2003) .... Betty Warren

Kaena: La prophétie (2003) (voice) .... Kaena

... aka Kaena: The Prophecy (2004) (USA)

Levity (2003) .... Sofia Mellinger

Spider-Man (2002) .... Mary Jane Watson

Cat's Meow, The (2001) .... Marion Davies

Crazy/Beautiful (2001) .... Nicole Oakley

Get Over It (2001) .... Kelly Woods

... aka Get Over It! (2001) (USA: promotional title)

All Forgotten (2000) .... Zinaida

... aka Lover's Prayer (2000) (USA)

Savage Garden: Superstars and Cannonballs: Live and on Tour in Australia (2000) (V) (uncredited) .... Girl on Subway ("I Knew I Loved You")

Deeply (2000) .... Silly

... aka Deeply (2000) (Germany)

... aka Sur fond d'océan (2000) (Canada: French title)

Bring It On (2000) .... Torrance Shipman

Luckytown (2000) .... Lidda Doyles

Crow: Salvation, The (2000) .... Erin Randall

... aka The Crow 3 - Tödliche Erlösung (2002) (Germany: DVD title)

Dick (1999) .... Betsy Jobs

... aka Dick, les coulisses de la présidence (1999) (France)

Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999/I) .... Amber Atkins

... aka Gnadenlos schön (1999) (Germany)

Virgin Suicides, The (1999) .... Lux Lisbon

... aka Sofia Coppola's the Virgin Suicides (2000) (USA: complete title)

Devil's Arithmetic, The (1999) (TV) .... Hannah Stern

"Stories from My Childhood" (1998) TV Series (voice) .... Alice/Gerda

... aka "Mikhail Baryshnikov's Stories from My Childhood" (1998) (USA: complete title)

Strike! (1998) .... Verena von Stefan

... aka Hairy Bird, The (1998) (Australia) (USA: working title)

... aka All I Wanna Do (2000) (USA: new title)

... aka College femminile (1998) (Italy)

... aka Filles font la loi, Les (1998) (Canada: French title)

Animated Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The (1998) (V) (voice) .... Becky Thatcher

Small Soldiers (1998) .... Christy Fimple

Fifteen and Pregnant (1998) (TV) .... Tina Spangler

True Heart (1997) .... Bonnie

Wag the Dog (1997) .... Tracy Lime

Anastasia (1997) (voice) .... Young Anastasia

Tower of Terror (1997) (TV) .... Anna

"ER" (1994) TV Series .... Charlene 'Charlie' Chiemingo (1996-1997)

Mother Night (1996) .... Young Resi Noth

Siege at Ruby Ridge, The (1996) (TV) .... Sara Weaver

... aka Ruby Ridge: An American Tragedy (1996) (TV)

Jumanji (1995) .... Judy Shepherd

Little Women (1994) .... Younger Amy March

High Strung (1994) .... Young Girl

... aka Pissed Off (1994) (USA: alternative title)

Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994) .... Claudia

... aka Interview with the Vampire (1994) (USA: short title)

Greedy (1994) .... Jolene

Darkness Before Dawn (1993) (TV) .... Sandra Guard (age 8)

"Loving" (1983/I) TV Series (uncredited) .... Young Child (1990-1991)

Bonfire of the Vanities, The (1990) .... Campbell McCoy

Majo no takkyubin (1989) (voice: English version) .... Kiki

... aka Kiki's Delivery Service (1998) (USA)

... aka Witch's Express Mail, The (1989) (literal title)

New York Stories (1989) (uncredited) .... Lisa's Daughter

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