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I'm not sure how smart it is to post this here, as I'm not completely sure of the age group of women I am addressing, but I wanted to know if others had my problem and if anyone has a solution or a suggestion of a solution.

I get -terrible- cramps after orgasm. It does not happen all the time - usually goes through periods of about a month at a time. The cramps last about 20 minutes before they go away, and they are just excruciating. There's no tell tale sign that it's going to happen - it only starts to come after the orgasm fades.

I've heard that this is not uncommon in women who are pregnant or have given birth, but I am neither nor. I've even addressed the issue to my doctor, but all she had to say was take some Advil before I do anything - which kills any spontanuity, unless I want to be popping pills all day long. And even then, it does not always work.

All paps are clear, I've been examined. I have a healthy uterus. But the damn cramps!

ANY advice on this would be appreciated. And you know... feel free to discuss other health issues relating to the female kind.

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Now, I must say to you first that the following site is not a porn site. It is a site that deals with sexual problems very openly, and has excellent theory about human sexuality according to modern neurochemical/hormone research and ancient sexual wisdom. I saw this thread and had to register just to post this info.

Your problem is covered there hundreds of times and case studies.



Please read the case studies. The site is made by Dr. Lin who is way ahead of the conventional doctors and although he sells his herbal formulas, you can find one of the best knowledge in the world in that site dealing with sexual health/methods and why they are not detected with high-tech medical toys.


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