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Joanna Benedek

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Joana Benedek (born January 21, 1972[1] in Bucharest, Romania) is a Mexican-Romanian actress.

She left her native land in search of work. She first moved to Venezuela before moving to Mexico. In Caracas she continued to study, but later left her studies to work as a model.

In 1997 she signed a contract with a prestigious cosmetics company in New York. During her stay in the city, she decided to study acting in the Academy of Susan Grace.

She was later discovered by a Mexican producer, which began her career as an actress in Mexico.

Sirena, Amigas y Rivales, and Angela are some of the melodramas in which the actress has participated.

[edit] TelenovelasDos Hogares (2011) as Yolando Rivapalacio

Hasta Que El Dinero Nos Separe (2009) as Marian Celeste

Destilando Amor (2007) as Pamela Toreblanca

La Fea Mas Bella (2006) as Cristina

De Pocas Pocas Pulgas (2003) as Reneé Lastra

La Cuaima (2003) as Beba

Mi Gorda Bella (2002) as Zoraida Torres

Amigas y Rivales (2001) as Roxana Brito

Mujeres Engañadas (1999) as Joanna

Angela (1998) as Catalina

Pecado de Amor (1996) as Rosalía Alamo

Cruz de Nadie (1994) as Cynara

Sirena (1993) as La Divina Joana

Piel (1992) as Sandra

Rubi Rebelde (1989) as Zoraida

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