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Litzy Domínguez


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Litzy Domínguez

Litzy Vanya Domínguez Balderas (better known as Litzy) is a Mexican-born actress and singer. She is known for having been in the Mexican singing group Jeans, and for her ("always" protagonist) roles in Telenovelas: Televisa's DKDA Sueños de Juventude, Telemundo's Daniela and Amarte Asi, Venevisión-with-Univisión's Pecadora and Azteca [Mexico] TV's Quiéreme Tonto, retitled simply Quiéreme. Probably her most successful recent song is "La Rosa." She sang the entrada song (opening theme song) for both Daniela ("Sobreviveré") and Amarte Asi ("Amarte Asi"). She also has recorded a theme song entitled "Pecadora" for Pecadora. However, as recently aired, the telenovela is not using that song for its entrada. Amarte Asi has also been aired with a different title, Frijolito. It is also notable that Litzy won a sort of acting-contest reality show run by Telemundo entitled Protagonistas de la Fama. Apparently her winning of that contest landed her the starring role in Amarte Así. She also was the star of Daniela, and recently starred in Pecadora and Quiéreme Tonto (2010).

Litzy's latest telenovela being aired in the USA as of July, 2010, is Pecadora (a remake of Como en el Cine) having been aired by TCTelevisión Ecuador, JustinTV.com, and Univision.

Documentation for Litzy and Pecadora can be found at the Amarte-Asi forum of Telenovela-World.com.[1]

After making Amarte Así, Litzy studied acting in Los Angeles for the better part of a year, evidently with the desire to do acting in Hollywood, a desire not fulfilled. After acting school, she has been credited with roles in three obscure Mexican movie titles before obtaining her role in Pecadora: "Vestidos y Otras Anécdotas," a short movie entitled "Subversiòn Total" (2007), and "Borderline (2009/II)."[2]

Hide Show Actress (8 titles)

2010 Quiéreme Tonto (TV series)

Julieta Dorelli (2010)

2010 Pecadora (TV series)

Luz María

– Episode #1.6 (2010) … Luz María

2009/II Borderline


2007 Subversión total (short)

2005 Amarte así (TV series)


2002 Daniela (TV series)

Daniela Gamboa

2000 Carita de ángel (TV series)

Cantante en la Iglesia

– Episode #1.2 (2000) … Cantante en la Iglesia

– Carita de ángel (2000) … Cantante en la Iglesia

1999-2000 DKDA: Sueños de juventud (TV series)

Laura Martínez

– Episode #1.62 (2000) … Laura Martínez

– Episode #1.80 (2000) … Laura Martínez

– DKDA: Sueños de juventud (1999) … Laura Martínez









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