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Shay Mitchell

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At the Fall 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in NYC - February 10, 2013

Tikipeter_Mercedes_Benz_Fashion_Week_038.jpg Tikipeter_Mercedes_Benz_Fashion_Week_043.jpg Tikipeter_Mercedes_Benz_Fashion_Week_039.jpg Tikipeter_Mercedes_Benz_Fashion_Week_040.jpg Tikipeter_Mercedes_Benz_Fashion_Week_042.jpg Tikipeter_Mercedes_Benz_Fashion_Week_041.jpg

Mercedes-Benz Star Lounge during MBFW Fall 2013 at Lincoln Center in New York - Febr. 12, 2013


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FEBRUARY 10TH - DKNY Women Fall 2013 Fashion Show Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

post-34463-0-1446090102-66332_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446090102-70113_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446090102-72804_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446090102-75067_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446090102-79679_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446090103-15345_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446090103-40759_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446090103-74935_thumb.jpg

Shay Mitchell gets silly with Lenay Dunn as they tape this weekend’s episode of MTV’s 10 On Top at the MTV Studios on Tuesday afternoon (February 12) in New York City.

post-34463-0-1446090103-77838_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446090103-82138_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446090103-88669_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446090106-08004_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446090106-45887_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446090106-81172_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446090107-27675_thumb.jpg

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April 2013 Issue of Nylon magazine (Mexico)

post-34463-0-1446090140-0026_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446090140-01787_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446090140-02701_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446090140-04524_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446090140-08964_thumb.jpg

Shay Mitchell, 26, is a Canadian actress who schemes and smolders as Emily Fields on ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars. As we countdown to World’s Most Beautiful Issue, on sale April 26, she posed for PEOPLE:

er mom taught her …

“To moisturize! My mom is from the Philippines, where they use coconut oil for their hair, skin, cooking, everything,” says Mitchell, whose father is Irish-Scottish.

Her coolest beauty trick

“I put two spoons in the freezer so [after] those late nights on-set I can wake up, take the spoons out and pop them on my eyes. It gets rid of the bags and wakes me up!”

She’s not really a tomboy

“Even though I play this athletic character on the show, outside of it I’m the girliest. My castmates come to me and ask, ‘Who’s a good facialist? Where’s the new nail salon?’”

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Covers + Cover Story for Elle Canada July 2013

Photographer: Colette De Barros

Stylist: Hayley Atkin

Hair: Aviva at Starworks Artists

Make-up: Jeannia Robinette

Manicure: Lisa Wong

Article: Kathryn Hudson

Celebrity: Shay Mitchell

Source: justjared.com

post-3311-0-1446090147-9337_thumb.jpg post-3311-0-1446090147-95575_thumb.jpg

adyVg20i.jpg post-3311-0-1446090147-97323_thumb.jpg


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Teen Choice Awards, Gibson Amphitheatre, Universal City, Aug 11 '13


post-72476-0-1446090175-98618_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446090176-31652_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446090176-45125_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446090176-46684_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446090176-51391_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446090176-5531_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446090176-58166_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446090176-61347_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446090176-63628_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446090176-64705_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446090176-67972_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446090176-69418_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446090176-71765_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446090176-74972_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446090176-75832_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446090176-82134_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446090176-83479_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446090176-86061_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446090176-8738_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446090176-88178_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446090176-90227_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446090176-92634_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446090176-94678_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446090176-97655_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446090177-3714_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446090177-40938_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446090177-4363_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446090177-45781_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446090177-49566_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446090177-50908_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446090177-53091_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446090177-55972_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446090177-57649_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446090177-6053_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446090177-6264_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446090177-65235_thumb.jpg

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august 27th - learning her lines in a park in los angeles, ca


post-34463-0-1446090183-56613_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446090184-85659_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446090185-82859_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446090187-03356_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446090187-18383_thumb.jpg

august 29th - leaving the chateau marmont in west hollywood, ca


post-34463-0-1446090187-2027_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446090187-24581_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446090187-28801_thumb.jpg 

Shay leaves the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood 9/3/13


post-34463-0-1446090187-32321_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446090187-3473_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446090187-38317_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446090187-43721_thumb.jpg

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