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Shay Mitchell

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omg , she's so naturally beautiful <3

'Had the best day at the shooting range in New Hampshire! Hit all my targets :)'


'Thanks @andrewbachman for the tix, it was an awesome game! :)'


This made me laugh too:


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At the Rachel Roy show on Monday (February 13)

image.jpg jenna_dewan_camila_alves_fashion_shows_18.jpg jenna_dewan_camila_alves_fashion_shows_03.jpg

Shay Mitchell steps out at the Badgley Mischka Fall 2012 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week held at The Theatre at Lincoln Center on Tuesday (February 14) in New York City.

C13293460831089902_1.jpg C13293460831089902_2.jpg C13293460831089902_3.jpg C13293460831089902_4.jpg C13293460831089902_5.jpg C13293460831089902_6.jpg

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I am really dissapointed that she smokes :'( not a good message...and she seems to always promote being 'healthy' and living well :/

'Our first Brazilian meal! @shaym'


'We don't want to leave ! @shaymitch'


'Hanging with the sweetest... @marimachado15 & @palomaabitbol and obviously @shaymitch'


'Baby girl!! @shaymitch'



'Laying out in February ... #loveLA <3 '


'Friday staff meeting by the pool with @djalexmerrell ... #lifeisgood'



'I <3 Sao Paulo :)'


'Haha .... first time using a translating headset! RT @PLLthebest: @shaymitch and @lucyyhale ♥ #Brazil '


'Coconut water at its finest :)'



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Daily Style Sessions - NYC - 13/02/12

post-34463-0-1446089990-83213_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446089990-87307_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446089990-90895_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446089990-94019_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446089990-96822_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446089990-99269_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446089991-03462_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446089991-05248_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446089991-06537_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446089991-09146_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446089991-10488_thumb.jpg

Lucy Hale & Shay Mitchell in a Bikini Poolside in Sao Paulo, Feb 29

post-34463-0-1446089991-14668_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446089991-17085_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446089991-18425_thumb.jpg

Lucy Hale and Shay Mitchell get mobbed at the Rio de Janiero airport in Brazil earlier this week.

post-34463-0-1446089991-21083_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446089991-23347_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446089991-24853_thumb.jpg

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Lucy Hale, Troian Bellisario and Shay Mitchell snap a pic with The View ladies in New York City on Thursday morning (March 15).

The Pretty Little Liars actresses hit up the morning program to chat about the season finale of their hit ABC Family show and the reveal of “Aâ€.

post-34463-0-1446089992-73197_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446089992-75539_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446089992-80021_thumb.jpg

Shay Mitchell gives Sasha Pieterse an evil glare in this new shot from Bullett magazine.

Along with Ashley Benson and Lucy Hale, the four Pretty Little Liars actresses chatted about the show’s themes and storylines, as they gear up for the reveal of “A”. Check it:

Lucy on Aria and Ezra’s relationship: “I think age is just a number. It all comes down to how you feel about the person. Both Ezra and Aria get the danger in all of it. They have tried so hard to not be together, but they are like magnets— they keep getting drawn back to each other. I think it’s a genuine relationship and they knowhey’re supposed to be together. They’re soul mates.”

Sasha on being friends with Alison: “Alison is very protective of her friends because she has kind of handpicked them. She knows how to handle them, which is of course manipulative, but at the same time, she really does care about them. As much as Alison picks on Hanna, she doesn’t like when other people pick on her. She’s almost like an older sister. At some point, she will do something that will protect them. There will be other enemies who will try to trash on them.”

Shay on erasing stereotypes: “The most amazing thing about our show is that if you were to look at the poster, you wouldn’t be able to pinpoint who plays the lesbian. We take away all the stereotypes, because there shouldn’t be any stereotypes in the first place. You can be the girl next doorand wear bright pink lipstick, and still like girls. I don’t have to be the goth girl in the corner, or a clear outsider. I love that about our show.”

Ashley on Hanna’s heart: “In the earlier episodes, Hanna was kind of a mean girl, but I think she has grown the most of all the characters. Her heart has gotten bigger. She was the chubby, unpopular girl before she met Alison, and I think she’s slowly returning to her original self. She’s becomingmore genuine and truly caring about the people around her—even if it’s in a sarcastic, sometimes tough way.”

post-34463-0-1446089992-82496_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446089992-83795_thumb.jpg

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Dazzles an orange dress as she returns to her hotel - March 15, 2012

post-34463-0-1446089998-86771_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446089998-88733_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446089998-92859_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446089998-9504_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446089998-96631_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446089998-98527_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446089999-01726_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446089999-05137_thumb.jpg

Shay Mitchell Signs Copies Of Her Seventeen Magazine Prom Issue Cover, March 16

post-34463-0-1446089999-06095_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446089999-07345_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446089999-11873_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446089999-16192_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446089999-17918_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1446089999-19442_thumb.jpg






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with The View ladies - NYC March 15 2012 HQ

th_a36572180263176.jpg/monthly_03_2012/post-40197-0-1593904846-91443_thumb.jpg" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt="Lucy Hale, Troian Bellisario & Shay Mitchell with The View ladies - NYC - 150312_ 106.jpg">

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