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Kherington Payne

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Date of Birth

20 January 1990, Whittier, California, USA

Birth Name

Kherington Taylor Payne is a dancer from Placentia, California.

She was born in Whittier, California, and has been taking formal dance lessons since she was 2 years old at Dance Precisions, located in Placentia, Ca. She graduated from El Dorado High School on June 10, 2008 and now lives in Placentia, California while pursuing her dancing career. Kherington is also the cousin of The Bolts brothers Addam, Heath, and Austin Farmer. Kherington played Alice in the remake of the movie Fame, which opened in theaters in September, 2009. Kherington also made the top ten of Season 4 So You Think You Can Dance.

She recently performed as a reform school girl in the "Bootylicious" number in the "Hairography" episode of the television show Glee.




Kherington Payne

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