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Haley Webb


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Haley Vianne Webb (born November 25, 1985, Woodbridge, Virginia, USA) is an American actress.


Webb was born in Woodbridge, Virginia. She has five siblings: two younger brothers; a younger sister; and two older sisters. In 2001 she moved, with some of her family, to San Diego, California where she attended La Costa Canyon High School. While at LCCHS she was active in the theater department, winning various awards for acting and dance. In 2003, while competing in the Talent America Competition, she was discovered by long time casting director/manager Gary Shaffer. Later that year she moved to Los Angeles, California, (where she currently resides) and began studying with acting instructors Howard Fine, JoAnne Baron & D. W. Brown.

Film, television & theater

Webbs's movie credits include: Janet Cunningham in The Final Destination, Nick Stahl's Girlfriend in In Northwood and Toni in Big Game.

Webb's television credits include: Close to Home (as Danielle, 2007) and Shark (as Kayla Philby, 2006).

Webb's theater credits include: Kim in Bye Bye Birdie; Claire in Rumors; Belle in Beauty and the Beast; Idgie in Fried Green Tomatoes; Nina in The Seagull; Catherine in Proof; Diane in Ring Around the Moon; Jessica in This is Our Youth; and Nia in Fighting Words.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haley_Webb

Also in: Imdb and her website.

Haley Webb

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