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Ivan Nikolaev


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Ivan was born on February 23, 1983 in an intellectual family in Moscow. . Gifted with a bright tipazhnoy appearance and in love with the cinema from an early age the young man jumped necessary for a stellar career stages and got to the screens of the country before entering college profile. . 3 years Ivan has successfully led the transfer of "100 percent on the first channel. After the novice actor went to VGIK, then GITIS and got his first role, and immediately in the big picture of F. Bondarchuk's "9 Rota".

This was followed by work in the youth series "Club", where Ivan went to one of the leading roles. It is the first of the actors, which was Ivan, channel MTV has brought an unprecedented vote.

After entertaining project, Ivan was adopted for his work on television movie "End of the World", dedicated to the energy crisis in May 2005. Despite the apocalyptic title, the picture tells us about the simple and light values, however, affect the economic themes of the film turned out to be inconvenient for the public channel, and for this reason that the film was never released, but that did not stop to collect an enormous amount of film awards at film festivals in Anapa, Varna, Astrakhan, Bulgaria and Estonia. Three hours show at the premiere of the movie hall of the House Cinema actor did not leave a single person.

Then Ivan gets role in another television movie Zolushka.ru, whose relationship with television are much more successful - First Channel buys the film still in the process of installation. Prallelno Ivan withdrawn in the film "Time of Happiness", where the actor gets a negative character.

In the painting "Mermaid" Ivan appears in a small but noticeable role - partner of an arrogant person, with whom they form the so-called "red pair," which provides a film director and screenwriter Anna Melikyan. The film won numerous awards, including "Film Critics Award" at the 58th Berlin festival.

Soon, John receives another atypical for his role in the way of the first domestic horror, released on the big screen "ST", in which Ivan is playing guard. Shooting took place in difficult conditions and occupy 16 hours a day.

After a short pause, John receives several proposals and was withdrawn in 3 scenes simultaneously. Among these, 48-part series commissioned by NTV "City of temptations.

. In the middle of the action film "Luna Moon", where Ivan was withdrawn Elizabeth Boyar Olga Ephraim and his partner "9 Rota" Konstantin Kryukov, is the fate of the children of diplomats and ambassadors of the Soviet Union, recreating in the state dachas during a watershed event in August 1991. Against the background of the rapid changes occurring in the country, the personal drama unfolding relationship of young people.

Standard selection of actors for the film "Merry" as such was not: The film directed by Felix Mikhailov knew in advance of actors suited to his character, met with them and easily persuaded to take part in the shootings. .The script was devoted to the history of the five actors, transvestite, living in their celebration, despite the fact that it does not find the answer in the hearts of the people surrounding them.

At this time, Ivan worked for 35 shooting days in a month, barely managing to after a 12-hour working day to get to another set.



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