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Arthur Sales


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i have know idea if this is new or old but it's arthur

and i would love the trade placeces with that girl lol

Fotografia: Jonathan Wolpert | Styling: Ana Parisi| Beleza: Téo Miranda



AH! Thank you so much! I haven't seen these yet, and I've been keeping tabs on Art all over the place! :D *hug*

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I'm glad that he's kind of growing into his looks. at first he was better not smiling. but it doesn't seem so odd now when he smiles.

i agree, i always thought that arthur did great with his poses but his facial expressions were a bit unatural sometimes like his smile

but his coming around and getting better and better :blush:

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so here the newstuff i found of arthur

dunno for what this is but candid arthur

from fckyeaharthur tumblr

Arthur looks good, those eyes, that hair, his skin. The first thing I thought when I looked at his fckyeaharthur I thought, "That guy looks good; I'd marry him." I also like how he's progressed as a model, he knows just the right angles to show off his cheekbones and jaw line.

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i always thought that arthur works well with his body/poses

he's always been very free with that and likes to be creative with his poses,he does know what works for him and it shows.

his facial expressions got better too wich is good

he has very friendly and open personality only makes him better

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so arthur's a very busy man

here's another interview,it was in portugese and i used google translator to uhm translate it.

and i'm just gonna give a quick run trough:

he'll be doing the calvin klein lookbook fall 2010,and will be in the next campaign for A&F :ddr: and will do loads of editorials

he takes acting classes ...and hopes to debut in a movie or a novela i believe that's the brazilian version of a soap lol

he still lives in NY and also wants to do work in brazil and do campaign and runways aww :heart:

here's the link to the intervieuw


i got it first from made in brazil

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