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Maria Mazza


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Maria Mazza biography

Born in the USA, at the age of 5 years, she moved with her family to Naples. A 3 years began studying piano and dance after three years. In 1996 she got third in the competition of Miss Italia, winning the range of Miss Elegance. After a brief experience as a model in Milan, she studied acting with Antonio Sanna.

In 1997 she participates in the summer variety, Rai Due, Sirocco. Since following for two consecutive seasons is one of the dancers on Sunday In. Debutta as actress with a small part in the miniseries TV Channel 5,'50 Years (1998), directed by Carlo Vanzina, with Ezio Greggio.

In 2001, first appeared on the big screen with the film Stregati the moon, directed by Pino Ammendola and Nicola Pistoia, and reads in theater in the show by Fabio Canino, Fiesta. In 2002, is one of the main performers in the movie A perfect love, directed by Andrei Valerio.

The following year alongside Carlo Conti in the first edition of The Recommended. After a brief parenthesis in England where Channel 4 leads on a weekly rotogravure, dedicated entirely to gossip, entitled Too fashion. In 2006, is one of the main performers in the movie Did I leave because I love you too, with Alessandro Siani directed by Francis Ranieri Martinotti - plays Daniela. In March of that year joined 15esima edition of the programme, Rai Due, Piazza Grande, next to Giancarlo Magalli.

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