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Alinne Moraes


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Aline Cristine Dorelli de Magalhães e Morais (born December 22, 1982 in Sorocaba, São Paulo, Brazil) is a Brazilian actress who starred as Mônica Paiva (Nina) on the soap opera Como Uma Onda. Her stage name is Alinne Moraes.

Before becoming an actress, she worked as a professional model. She started working as a model at age 12 and ended working when she was 18. As a popular actress in Brazil, she won in 2004 the Brazilian VIP magazine internet poll to find the 100 sexiest woman in the World 2004 (or As 100 Mulheres Mais Sexy do Mundo 2004, in Portuguese). Besides appearing in VIP magazine, she has also appeared in magazines such as Claudia, Nova, UMA, Marie Claire, Trip, Boa Forma and Elle Brasil.

Her first work as an actress was on the soap opera Coração de Estudante, where she played a young unmarried mother. In Mulheres Apaixonadas she played a gay teenager. And in Da Cor do Pecado she played a surfer. In Como uma Onda she played a woman whose affections are sought after by two men: her boyfriend, Jorge Junqueira, and Daniel Cascaes, a Portuguese man. In 2006 she filmed the movie Fica Comigo Esta Noite, which is an adaptation of a Flávio de Souza's play. In the soap opera Bang Bang she played the role of Penny Lane, a scholar of advanced physics.

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