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Does anyone here know a lot about the modeling industry (how to get into it)?


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First of all I feel conceited even asking about this. :laugh: I'm about 5'7"-5'8", & thin, but not a stick. I've been told I should model for years now though, & I'm wondering if I should try it out just to see if I really have a shot at any kind of work since I'm not getting any younger as far as the modeling industry is concerned. I'm not Adriana Lima, so I don't think I have a shot at being a supermodel or anything like that, but maybe I can still do some work that I enjoy.

Anyways, since this forum seems to be all about models, I thought maybe someone on here would know about how to go about getting with a good agency. Can I just send in my pictures, or is that not good enough? I don't live near any big time agencies unfortunately. And since I'm not 16 years old, 5'10" & 80 lbs, I don't know if it's worth it to travel to one.

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hmmm... well, a while back, my friend was trying to get with Ford modeling, they told her that they needed some professional pictures of her and they would interview with her... that's all she told me, there is probably more to it than that... then she did quite a bit of local stuff.. things she didn't need an agent for, like a back to school fashion show that the mall was putting on... stuff like that...

maybe you should post some pictures of yourself here.. so we can take a look :shifty:

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Yours forever is right. You will need to start getting a portfolio together of professional pictures of yourself in different outfits and different poses. You don't need it right away just to talk to some agents, but it does help speed things along. I was contacted by a modeling agency and they just told me to bring in snapshots so that they can see how I look like in print.

After that, they had me do a runway walk to see how well I take direction and how well I can walk. After that, they gave me ideas of what I should do as far as when getting my portfolio together i.e. what poses and what looks/clothes they would like to see (this is one reason you don't need professional photos right away. The agency will tell you their recommendations first before you spend all of that money on professional photos so that you know what they are looking for). They might recommend classes to help you gain knowledge as far as your walk, poses, etc., but it's not required.

You don't have to be super tall or super thin to be a model (I'm only 5'4 and not stick thin). The industry is looking for people of all shapes and sizes for things like print, commercials, etc. Sure, the more successful models are the ones who look like Adriana and Gisele, but there is a demand for other body types out there as well. When going to an agency, do your research first to make sure it is a reputable one. There are plenty of people out there who are scam artists. You could ask around about a place or maybe go to the Better Business Bureau website. Good luck!

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