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Randal Edwards


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Randal Edwards (*unknown*-present) was born in Calgary, Canada as the youngest of three children. He became an actor, finding some little fame in television series such as Smallville (2006), Supernatural (2006), The Best Years (2007) and Psych (2007).

[edit] Television

Series Date Episodes Character

Psych July 20, 2007 (1) "65 Million Years Off" Ethan

The Best Years 2007 (12) "From Here To Eternity", "Cruising", "It Should Happen To You", "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner", "All That Heaven Allows", "Mommie Dearest", "Five Easy Pieces", Reality Bites, "Secrets and Lies", "Notorious", "Girl Interrupted" and "Shadow of Doubt". Noah Jensen

Smallville (TV Series) October 12, 2006 (1) "Wither" EMT

Supernatural (TV Series) September 28, 2006 (1) "In my time of Dying" *Unknown*

Eureka (TV Series) August 15, 2006 (1) "Invincible" *Unknown*

The 4400 August 6, 2006 (1) "The Starzl Mutation"




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