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He Probably Just Smells Your Dog...

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Hello everyone. Seemed like now was as good a time as any to start typing things at people.

Stroszek from Wisconsin.

(If you've seen the movie, you've got a pretty good idea. That's what it's like here.)

There are lot's of things that could be said about me, none of which are interesting in any way whatsoever. But while personally, I'm am a very dull individual, my brain does not work at all they way it should. This may result in some degree of confusing and or silly behavior on my part and I apologize in advance to all of you that I will likely confuse or disturb in the near future. Think of Vladimir in "Waiting For Godot" - if that means anything to you. That's not too far off from the way my mind works.

And don't ask if I have any carrots. I've only got turnips....and one black radish.

Legitimate Addendum: Who is the girl in the little BZ banner/logo thing at the top left of the forum?

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