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Models from the Eighties


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Elegance Paris,n.107-1985 "Automne-Hiver 85-86"--ph:Rico Puhlmann

post-42224-0-87960900-1359034117_thumb.j post-42224-0-70715700-1359034129_thumb.j

post-42224-0-62025300-1359034146_thumb.jA post-42224-0-98000400-1359034101_thumb.jB

Covermodel looks like Joan Severance but is another model (b) similar in profile - she reminds me of Manon Gerkan

Joan (a) wearing a blonde wig, just to make things more complicated... :laugh:

What do you think, Spiral?

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^Fantastic! I was sure only of Sonia, Anna and Brynja :ninja:


Joyce Paris,n.23-September-October 1990 "Pret-a-porter Automne-Hiver 90-91"


Gisele Zelauy

Lanvin par Claude MontanaJoyce Paris,n.10-July-August 1988 "Pret-a-porter Automne-Hiver 88-89"

Lanvin par Maryll Lanvin,Givenchy N.Boutique

post-42224-0-58420900-1359210803_thumb.j post-42224-0-54673800-1359210796_thumb.j

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^ Lovely :hehe: There are very few pictures of her...


Joyce Paris,n.23-September October 1990 "Haute Couture Automne-Hiver '90'91"


Yasmeen,her early years of modeling :wub: (it is a pity that her thread has become a repository of rubbish,someone just copy-paste anything from other fashion websites)

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^Yasmeen looks so fresh with those natural eyebrows.

And her elegance still oozes out. Nice post.

Hi there fender and spiral, nice to see you here :0)

Thank you so much for welcoming me warmly (as always!)


Joyce Paris,n.10-July-August 1989 "Pret-a-porter Automne-Hiver 88-89

Lanvin par Maryll Lanvin,Givenchy N.Boutique

I see the model in red pants (No4 -pyujamas precioux) of Picture #1,

she looks like Claire Atkinson to me.

Japanese High Fashion magazine 1981/12 cover.

My own scan.

You guys know so many models, I am amazed.

And I am so glad that you know Japanese legendary

model TOKO!

There is new discovery whenever I come to this place,

thanks again. :)

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