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Background information

Birth name Tamta Goduadze

Born January 10,


Origin Greece

Genre(s) Pop

Label(s) Minos EMI (EMI)

Website http://www.tamta.com.gr

Tamta Goduadze, (Georgian: თამთა გოდუაძე; known professionally as simply Tamta, is a Georgian pop singer, famous in Greece for her participation in Super Idol (in which she placed second), and for her later singles such as "Ftais" (Faraway, originally performed by Gala) and "Den Telionei Etsi I Agapi".


1 Biography

2 Personal life

3 Discography

3.1 Albums

3.2 Singles

4 Super Idol Performances

5 External links


Tamta was born on the 10th of January in 1981. Tamta took part in the show 2004 edition of Greek Super Idol. Shortly after she released her debut CD titled Tamta. The first single off of the CD was a cover of Gala's song Faraway called "Ftais". It was followed by the singled "Den Telionei Etsi I Agapi". The CD was then re-released with a bonus duet of the hit song Tornero.

In 2007, Tamta took part in a national selection to determine the singer of the Eurovision Song Contest 2007, representing Greece, with her song "With Love". She competed against singer-songwriter Christos Dantis, who co-wrote Elena Paparizou's "My Number One", which won the contest for Greece in 2005, and Cypriot-Lebanese star Sarbel, who eventually won the contest and represented Greece.

Her latest CD, Agapise Me, came out on May 16, 2007. The first single from the CD is titled "Agapise Me" (Love me). More recently, she released a CD single titled "Mia Stigmi Esi Ki Ego/Ela Sto Rhythmo."

Personal life

Tamta is of Georgian origin. She was married there when she was 14 years old and while this seems strange according to Greek customs, she has said that it is common in Georgia.



Year Title Certification

2006 Tamta

Repackaged Edition features a duet with Mihai Traistariu called Tornero - Tromero.


2007 Agapise Me



Year Title Album/CD Single

2004 "Τ' Allo Mou Miso" (featuring Stavros Konstantinou) Super Idol 2004

2006 "Ftais" (Faraway) Tamta

2006 "Den Telionei Etsi I Agapi" Tamta

2006 "Tornero - Tromero" Tamta

2007 "With Love" Agapise Me and "With Love"

2007 "Agapise Me" Agapise Me

2007 "Agapo" (Wanna Play from RBD) Agapise Me

2007 "Mia Stigmi Esi Ki Ego" "Mia Stigmi Esi Ki Ego/Ela Sto Rhythmo"

2007 "Ela Sto Rhythmo" "Mia Stigmi Esi Ki Ego/Ela Sto Rhythmo


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