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Julien Doré


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:drool: Julien Doré, born on July 7, 1982, in Alès (Gard), is a French singer, winner of the edition 2007 of the television show Nouvelle Star, aired on theFrench Television Métropole Télévision channel.

He is also the great-great-great-nephew of Gustave Doré, Illustrator of the 19th century.

Julien grew up in Lunel. After having had its "literary VAT" in the college Louis Feuillade, he went to the École des Beaux-Arts of Nîmes for five years.

He is the founder of the group "Dig up Elvis", with which he played in the bars of his city. At that time, he was paid in Beers. In 2006, he created with Guillaume de Molina the project "The Jean d'Ormesson disco suicide", "protean group" which remakes national and international successes by altering them completely.

Participation in the Television program Nouvelle Star 2007

Julien was selected at the time of the Casting (performing arts) in Marseille, where he presented himself with a ukulélé. At the beginning, he only participated in the casting to get free publicity for his band. From the first second, the jury realizes that he has an exceptional voice. He convinced the jury when he sang "A la faveur de l'automne" of "Tété".

At the following stage, in the theatre, his talent explodes. He is obviously selected for the Prime time. And from there, his genius spoke.

First Prime time, he sang "Like a Virgin" by "Madonna (entertainer)" in a Jazz version. The public is charmed; that will continue until the end. Because thereafter, he always made his performances spectacular, as much scenic than vocal. As much at ease in the acute ones that in the low registers, as soon as he goes up on scene, it becomes an incredible show man, making the public take part, howling, taking postures surprising, living truly the music. It always arises from him in fright.

He also sang "Creep (Radiohead song)" from "Radiohead", "Heartbreak Hotel" from "Elvis Presley", "Light My Fire" from "The Doors", "Strangers in the Night" from "Frank Sinatra", "I Put a Spell on You" from "Screamin' Jay Hawkins", "Tainted Love" from "Soft Cell", "Smells Like Teen Spirit" from "Nirvana (band)" version "Paul Anka", "You Really Got Me" from "The Kinks", always in a spectacular way, by changing the words sometimes, while reinterpreting... The public does not go back, and is conquered from there; the jury too. France speaks only about him.

His most memorable performances and revelations were while singing "Moi... Lolita" from "Alizée" and "...Baby One More Time (song)" from "Britney Spears", Dance music songs, in acoustics, making the original versions completely insipid.

He won the finale against Tigane, by far.

Other songs in solo : "Les mots bleus" from "Christophe", "My Way (song)" from "Claude François", "Mourir sur scène" from "Dalida", "Le coup de soleil" from "Riccardo Cocciante", "Les bêtises" from "Sabine Paturel", "Vanina" from "Dave (singer)", "Le mal aimé" from "Claude François".

Songs in duet or more : "Du côté de chez Swann" from "Dave (singer)", "Chercher le garçon" from "Taxi Girl", "Don't Give Up (Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush song)" from "Peter Gabriel" and "Kate Bush", "Andy" from "Les Rita Mitsouko", "Vieille canaille" from "Serge Gainsbourg", "Louxor, j’adore" of "Philippe Katerine", "Destinée" of "Guy Marchand", "Etienne" from "Guesch Patti", "La poupée qui fait non" from "Michel Polnareff", "Le premier jour" from "Étienne Daho", "Couleur menthe à l'eau" from "Eddy Mitchell", "With or Without You" from "U2", "Que Marianne était jolie" from "Michel Delpech", "Dancing in the Street" from "Martha and the Vandellas", "Ebony and Ivory" from "Paul McCartney" and "Stevie Wonder".


Even though he has been known only for a few weeks, he was elected "the sexiest man of the year" by the magazine "ELLE".

The press has rumoured a love story between him and Gaëtanne, another singer of promotion 2007.

In the United States, Jay Leno will criticize Julien in his emission after having viewed his performance on "Like a Virgin". The American press broke out against him. And then, Jay Leno watched his other performances, and changed opinion. Julien is now known in the whole world.


Julien is promised with a beautiful future. The whole of France is awaiting his first album.

Julien has a rather extravagant look: very tight jeans, pin in hair, semi-long hair...

After the Nouvelle Star 2006, the winner was Christophe Willem. He also had marked the spirits and had impressed. Therefore, everyone was afraid that the new redission of the Television program would be disappointing. In the end, everyone agrees in saying that Julien is even better than Christophe.


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