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  1. I love her! She seems to be such a nice, kind person! And I can't believe some ppl think she hasn't aged well! OMG her body is in great shape, her skin, without makeup, looks amazing!!!! and when you see her in interview videos she looks amazing! She is gorgeous and her look is unique and exotic! And for the ones who say supermodels aren't that smart, how can you assume that? I mean, when she is representing a brand, when she talks in interviews, she just answers the questions she is asked, which are usually pretty basic and focused around the fashion industry. What is she supposed to do? Start to randomly talk about relativity and splitting the atom when she has an interview for Victoria's Secret to prove to others she is smart? Also, English is NOT HER FIRST LANGUAGE!!!!! so she will use simpler terms sometimes to express herself, because when you learn a different language, that is usually what you learn mostly, and your vocabulary will be more limited. It's not like being a model requires you to have an English major, be a philosopher or a scientist! She's beautiful, she gets the message across about what the brand wants out for the public, and sets a good, healthy body image for women! What more do you want from a model? Bottom line....I LOVE HER!!!!!

  2. I LOVE the way she looks! I think fair skin suits her very well...and yes, tanned skin looks nice too...but ANY tan is actually bad for the skin...the production of melanin (the pigment that gives us the color) is a result of some kind of skin damage. Your skin produces melanin to try to protect itself. I think she is very smart to stay away from tanning because whether it makes you look exotic or not, ANY dermatologist will tell you it is VERY bad for you...Sure incidental sun exposure is OK as long as you wear an SPF, but tanning for the sake of getting color is HARMFUL even in the smallest quantity!!!!

  3. I don't think I would get them done, I sometimes think it would be nice if i did but i know I would never go through with it. Lol no way I am putting myself through that just to appeal more to others and I learnt to be happy with what I have. A lot of the girls I work with have implants and they look fine. What's really bothering me is the extra fakeness sooooo many women are embracing lately: implants, botox, hair extensions, lash extensions, face fillers, artificial nails, fake tan, lipo... it kinda makes me sad that so many YOUNG women can be so unhappy with themselves that they need to completely change who they really are...artificially....what ever happened to looking good because you are actually healthy, and fit.... I work in the beauty industry and I see it A LOT!!! I know looking good is important but to go to the extent to look good by being someone completely different than who you really are kinda bothers me...there's not much I can do about it I know...and sorry I went there off topic for a bit but I really had to vent....lol

  4. I admit, I used to be addicted to tanning a few years ago... And about 2 years ago I completely stopped....and by completely I mean...i wear a hat when i'm outside, always wear my spf and never step into tanning salons anymore...It's not the cancer that I am necessarily concerned about...lol...it's more about hyperpigmentation and disgusting wrinkled-leather-face look. I am an esthetician and I work with so many women and men who come for facials and I look at their skin and I am soooooo happy I stopped tanning!!! I used to like the look of really tanned skin but I am now happy with my healthy, pasty-self...hahaha

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