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  1. Another pic from yesterday. This isn't a shoot, she told in a interview that she's shooting a new film campaign in this beautiful Palm Springs house and the heat was crazy so in the meantime she went to the bathroom, putted some bikini on and went to the pool - you can see the pool inside the house throught the glass so the photographer of the shoot, Jeff Stephens I guess, took the pictures. David Krauk was part of this shoot and he's Neiman Marcus' Senior Art Director, so I guess Lais is doing the new Neiman Marcus campaign
  2. Lais said in a interview for a Brazilian newspaper that they'll be shooting the new Swim catalogue at the Bahamas
  3. BTS od the new Talento Joias campaign
  4. NYFW Cards Fall Winter 2016 Hope to see her on the runway, miss her doing high fashion
  5. Wait, the countdown videos you're talking about are the videos with the angels dressed up as football players? Or is the one in the Pink set with Adriana, Behati, Candice, Lily and Lais? Btw you were talking about the angels earnings... Lais just bought a 2.5 million dollars apartment in NYC
  6. shes the taller angel at the moment and probably was the taller at last years VSFS and her boyfriend is a giant
  7. Lauching of the BO.BÔ Winter collection today, January 27th, in São Paulo. The other girl is Thayla Ayala, a brazillian actress, and also Lais' friend
  8. Backstage Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
  9. BTS Victoria's Secret 2015 Holiday Commercial
  10. BTS shooting the new Davidson Zanine campaign today in São Paulo
  11. Another BTS from the For Love & Lemons shoot
  12. Victoria’s Secret Angel Lais Ribeiro Now Owns Multimillion-Dollar NYC Condo http://www.hauteresidence.com/victorias-secret-angel-lais-ribeiro-now-owns-multimillion-dollar-nyc-condo/ Wow, Lais
  13. oh that looks so nice! Thank you! But she's only shooting clothing, right? I mean, she can't shoot lingerie and stuff
  14. Oh that's great to hear! Can you give me some info about Love & Lemons? I've never heard anything from them (I'm not from the USA) is it a good company?
  15. More from today's shoot; she tagged For Love & Lemons on a picture on instagram (the second picture of this post, but with filter). She might be shooting a new campaign, or catalogue, or just wearing their clothes for an editorial
  16. Oh I love the Close to Heaven editorial for Vogue UK promoting the 2014 VSFS that picture with Adriana, Lais, Candice and Elsa is one of my all time favourites
  17. She's probably shooting the Lilly Pulitzer 2016 Summer campaign She's shooting commercials too
  18. Lais posted an airport picture on her snapchat and Sara is leaving to somewhere too... I think both are going to LA I'm just worried about Jac; she had a good amount of time in the Fashion Show stream, but she got something like 60k followers on IG only and actually nobody got impressed by her (I blame those damn outfits) I think Jac and Kate are gone and it's such a pitty cause I really loved those 2
  19. Does Jasmine have a catalogue cover? you know, solo cover
  20. Imaan tottaly killin the Swim shoot!! That's one great body! Wouldn't mind to have her as an angel over Martha or Romee Imaan and Lais tottaly killin it
  21. I love the catalogue but I'm missing this pictures but anyway it looks pretty awesome
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