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  1. Like your profile pics lately. Jessica and Laura. Even if Leo doesn't date them they are damn cute :laugh::heart: 

    1. Shandy


      Lol, thanks. I tend to become enamored with whomever he is linked to, whether it's true or not. I guess it's my way of living vicariously through those who might be dating him. I love yours! Margot Robbie is fantastic.

    2. katchitup


      Haha same! I knew about Jessica before Leo but Laura is new to me, I think shes gooorrgeous :heart: She actually reminds me alot of Margot robbie :hehe: 

    3. Shandy


      Oh yes, she does. You know who else looks like Margot? Leo's first supermodel gf Kristen Zang, although Margot is prettier, imo. I wonder if that dejavu is part of what drew him to her in auditions for WOWS. That's one pairing I'd love to see. They had such great chemistry in WOWS.

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