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  1. Hey, I'm having issues seeing new posts. When I click on a thread I am shown the very first post in the topic and then a list of links to all of the posts after that...HOWEVER, when I click the links, it just brings me back to where I started, looking at the first post. What can I do to fix this, or is this a site problem? Thank you in advance!
  2. I did an interview with Doutzen for my blog Check it out at www.forsurecouture.blogspot.com Sorry if ya'll saw this posted at TFS already but I didn't know who read here that doesn't read TFS!
  3. Cut it AGAIN you mean? Cause she's had her hair at like chin-length for awhile now...
  4. Man I can't believe everything is lost...could whoever posted the Soup pics from the website do it again? Thank you so much.
  5. I've run into so many models/celebs in NYC...it really is just by chance though, there's like no way to plan it lol. Fingers crossed I run into miss Caroline sometime!
  6. Heather has so many campaigns this season, it's awesome!!
  7. Heather will have a spread in August i-D, here is a small preview!
  8. Hey guys. I'm the one who knows her cousin...I also thought she had a boyfriend (who was possibly also her booker)...but her cousin told me back in February that she was boyfriendless. This might have changed since then, of course, so I can ask him again (although I think it's kinda unfair and rude to bug him about that sort of thing).
  9. I write a fashion blog For Sure Couture just for fun, and awhile ago this editor of a magazine saw it and asked me to write an article about Douzten for him. The magazine is called Southern Views, it's a women's magazine that's pretty popular in the South. It's no Vogue or anything but I'm really proud of this, and even though the images are old I wanted to share them with you!
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