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      GIF animation explores new territory – email-messages – and demonstrates space conversion rates.

      Return to its popularity is obliged GIF social networks. It is much easier to Express their thoughts through concise and often funny GIF clips than to write a detailed review. Indeed, sometimes gifs look much more appropriate and user friendly words. However, the use of gifs is not limited to social networks. Now with the same success they explore new territory: email messages.

      A letter with a surprise
      Marketers looking for new ways to attract the attention of customers could not pass by and try animated pictures in email messages. It is known that when viewing the page the person first draws attention to illustrations, and moving before a static. In letters GIF animation has found wide application. It can
      – demonstrate a range of products or a unique feature;
      – entertain subscribers.
      – reinforce the main idea of the message or call to action.
      Further examples we will see how skillfully used the GIF involves users in dialogue, evokes emotions, stimulates the activity – everything you need for a good communication.

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