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  1. I must say that this year Adriana had some amazing work! She worked so hard and her results were fantastic! I'm so proud! She's even more beautiful then she has ever been (idk how thats possible lol) :heart:

  2. Happy Birthday Adriana,

    Its been quite a journey with you, I've loved you since I was very young and now as I've grown older and things have changed - like you now are married and have a beautiful little angel named Valentina but one thing remains the same and that is how I will always be your top fan and supporter no matter where life takes us. I love you Adriana and I hope you have a spectacular birthday with your loved ones and I wish you more success and happiness in your life.



  3. I'm really, really happy that we are going to have a sixth season of the show because I honestly cannot get enough of this show. I've been hooked for 5 years! :laugh: But it is a little hard to imagine what the sixth season will be about because like everything from the beginning lead up to the fifth season so I would think that the devil situation would be taken care of by than. Hmmmmmm... who knows :idontgetit:

  4. I agree.. the witchcraft is getting really interesting. I wonder how its going to tie up with the overall plot. Did you guys see the end of last weeks episode when the witch had the dream about the girl? :unsure: When the other girl was like "its coming" or some crazy thing like that lol :laugh:. Well now i'm really curious about what that women is talking about. I hate being curious! :whistle: So excited for Thursday :wave:

  5. So.. totally not what I expected out of this episode. They tricked us on the previews! :laugh: But it was so good, but it made me mad a little when Damon

    killed lexi

    because she was such a nice girl. I was surprised when he did that! :o. Stephen is soooooo pissed. But I'm really curious about what Damon is up to.. what is this master plan? What is this man trying to do? I have a feeling that its not good at all. :dontgetit:

  6. Yeah, Its probably one of my favorite episodes since it had be all emotional lol!! :laugh: On a another note, yes, I was surprised about what Damon did for Jeremy it should a very human side to him. Its like What he has feelings? He actually cares, even if its just a little bit :blink: That kind of caught me off guard lol! :whistle: I'm so excited for tomorrows episode because when i saw the preview it showed this girl that I guess might be Stephan's old "pal" or maybe even girlfriend (they looked a little too friendly if you ask me). Alana is all jealous and you can tell the vampire girl is evil <_< How exciting! :p

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