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  1. Just pipping to get my thread to the top, Muffin. Because I'm a whore.
  2. Looks like he could be popped.
  3. Heh, couldn't resist: Girls can be so tactful. "Oh she's cute!..grumblegrumble..bitchassho." Or passive-aggressive, whichever.
  4. Don

    Fantasy Books

    I read the Discworld series, that's it.
  5. Hendrix, period, not considering how incredible he was in other styles.
  6. "If quizzes are quizzical, what are tests?" Testing. "Why are you IN a movie, but you are ON TV?" TV is continuous, perpetual, while a movie seems to be a moment frozen in time, I guess. And the meaning of life is 42. HAHAHA Lullaby.. nice.
  7. Don


    Here's the higher-res video.
  8. Don


    I have a higher-res version of the TIM commercial where she's getting out of bed and then calling on her cell, anybody want it?
  9. Just checked out these: Noam Chomsky - Fateful Triangle - Keeping the Rabble in Line - The New Military Humanism Things Fall Apart - Chinua Achebe A People's History of the United States - Howard Zinn And Hamlet for English. :| I'll be renewing for a while.
  10. Don

    Now Playing

    Green Day - Jesus of Suburbia/City of the Damned/I Don't Care/Dearly Beloved/Tales of Another Broken Home Man.. I love the second part of this song. Makes me wish I had a real sound system.
  11. Don't blame me if you end up being short. (Long-term lack of sleep has serious health implications, since it has a really important role in nourishment, i.e. repairing and growing).
  12. Don


    Kind of cute, but way way too young. I don't think she really has anything to say at 13. And then there's the fact that she's bubblegum pop, pretty much.
  13. Don

    NCAA B-Ball

    The NIT used to be the premier tournament a long, long time ago before the whole thing became a bit tainted from scandal.
  14. I actually liked Animal Farm better, just because I thought it was more clever.
  15. Don

    Woman's Body

    Small of the back/hips.
  16. Lip's still busted. Still tonguing it. Still stings. My tooth doesn't feel out of place anymore though.
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