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  1. in what site did you saw that ? I saw it on Twitter on a VS fanpage but idk Strange, i don't find her in this list >> http://models.com/rankings/ui/MoneyGirls What do you mean? Did I mention models.com anywhere? lol. Models.com isn't reliable anymore. This site was created by model fans which are teenagers. they never write the truth, their the sexiest models list is the same for the last 3 years.
  2. Yeah. That's what I've dreamed for months
  3. in what site did you saw that ? I saw it on Twitter on a VS fanpage but idk
  4. I think she deserved at least the third place
  5. Candice is the 10th. in "The Richest" 's "Top 10 most beautiful ladies" list
  6. I want free people photoshoot to be shared very soon!!! lol
  7. Pink it's marloes horst really, look at this face This bra was worn by about 3 models lol that doesn't change anything, it's a collection and they should be used in many photos... on different models imo
  8. hm in my computer/phone/ipad vs browser are not offline. I checked these three to see if it wasn't working in any, but is online. idk maybe your browser has problems. refresh it
  9. omg you're too lucky awh! Do you have Twitter?
  10. this is an australian model, I don't remember the name, I saw the whole photoshoot of this months ago. in a photographer's portfolio or somewhere
  11. HQs - CANDICE SWANEPOEL IN THE SHOW'S BAND O RAPPA APRIL 12 IN VICTORY, ESPÍRITO SANTO Source: www.swanepoel-daily.com/gallery
  12. Yeah sorry. I don't have numbers unfortunately
  13. Yeah the last two were posted but in different quality and these are bigger
  14. Ahh okay, I thought you stole it from a fan-site of Candice. Thank you for posting anyway. Have a nice day xoxo
  15. o.o please credit original poster.thanks anyways What do you mean? "Credit original poster" credit the site you toke this from I mean, i almost guess where it's taken from, that's my friends website, credit because she bought these pics on various picture sources. xoxo
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