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  1. /monthly_07_2013/post-76847-0-1593845480-98256_thumb.jpg" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt="Leo1.jpg">
  2. mary uchiha (@leScaryMary) 7/24/13, 8:53 PM LEONARDO DICAPRIO AT JURASSIC PARK ON MY DAY OFF OMFG KMS SO HARD mary uchiha (@leScaryMary) 7/24/13, 9:00 PM crying bc i didnt get to load Leonardo DiCaprio into a boat *tearz* Download the official Twitter app here Sent from my iPad
  3. Caroline G (@carol_ftw) 7/25/13, 12:24 AM Saw Leonardo DiCaprio at Roosevelt tonight...I think my life is set. Download the official Twitter app here Sent from my iPad
  4. Mal (@MalScal) 7/24/13, 8:19 PM OKAY SO MY HOTEL IS NEXT TO UNIVERSAL STUDIOS AND I JUST WALKED OVER AND SAW LEONARDO DICAPRIO!!!!!!! Download the official Twitter app here Sent from my iPad
  5. REMINDER: This is LEO'S thread. The FOCUS of posts should be about LEO; his work, projects, and other activities (including his social life) that can be objectively verified (i.e, news articles, photographs, videos, etc). If Leo is only tangentially mentioned, then the post is inappropriate for this thread, and should be placed in the Leo's General Discussion thread. Use PMs if you have personal messages for other members. Inappropriate posts will be deleted. Thank you for your cooperation. Edited by MauiKane
  6. This is from a Romanian newspaper. Pic is from a few days ago. A bizarre moment: why hide Leonardo DiCaprio? Sunday July 21, 2013 - 4:50 p.m. 673 views Leonardo DiCaprio (Photo: Gulliver) Even celebrities have their bad moments where no mood for anyone or anything. A few days ago, actor Leonardo DiCaprio (38) was caught in such a stance in Malibu, California. Even if you are shopping in a clothing store famous luxury, it does not look too cheerful. On exit, the actor did not socialize with the press, and when he saw cameras, and quickly covered the whole front of the hat provided.
  7. Hes been so elusive!!! Yes he has! Don't know where he is. Hard to figure out where he is. That party promoter in NY had him in NY on Saturday night for a WOWS party and I looked at this guy's instagram photos and he seems to know Leo or has planned parties for him in the past because he has a pic of him on his instagram. And even if it was a WOWS party, it probably was not an official WOWS party but maybe a theme to a party he was throwing. Who knows.
  8. Erin (@erinkyleee) 7/19/13, 5:45 AM My aunt saw Leonardo DiCaprio at a pub in Ireland and he looked at her ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?! Chloe Horsburgh (@ChloeHorsburgh) 7/21/13, 12:21 PM Leonardo DiCaprio in north Berwick on Friday night .. when I was there am absolutely raging I never saw him! Is there a chance he's in Ireland/Scotland? Once again discounted the first one a couple of days ago because I thought he was in LA....
  9. Tribeca Citizen (@tribecacitizen) 7/21/13, 6:55 AM Update: DiCaprio's presumed rep denies the 250 West report: tribecacitizen.com/2013/07/20/leo… Maybe he'll buy at the Sterling Mason... @trdny An he didn't.buy the penthouse?
  10. NXVA (@NXVALOVESYOU) 7/20/13, 3:21 PM SAW LEONARDO DICAPRIO IN SOHO .. THAT NIGGUH SHORT .. LOL .. And I saw this earlier but didn't think anything of it bc I thought he was still in la....now not so sure
  11. David Kahen (@GQ_NIGHTLIFE) 7/20/13, 5:54 PM Who wants to party with Leo tn at the official Wolf of Wallstreet party? 5162098630. Only contact me if ur hot, there are no exceptions. David Kahen (@GQ_NIGHTLIFE) 7/20/13, 6:19 PM Official Wolf of Wall Street Party Tonight. With host Leonardo Dicaprio. Is this for real????
  12. jella - honeymyheart (@honeymyheart) 7/19/13, 6:50 PM just had dinner at thai vegan. leo di caprio was dining as well. this is amaaazing. hannah said hello #romeoandjuliet #theclairedanesone Download the official Twitter app here Sent from my iPad
  13. Shawn Shad (@ShawnShad) 7/17/13, 4:19 PM Leonardo DiCaprio just stopped by at work Download the official Twitter app here Sent from my iPad Looks like he's still in LA
  14. Wijn Tks for Claire Danes/Leo mention about her being cast as his secretary in J Edgar
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