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  1. Me and Ana @ Fashion Rio. "The third time part. 1" lol. :p

    You can read the story here.

    Me and Ana

    Yes, I kind of cut myself out of the pictures, because I was looking so :yuckky:

    fashionrio133cpiavw8.th.jpg fashionrio134cpiacs4.th.jpg

    Me and Ana when I was having a moment. :p


    Pictures that me and my friends took :

    fashionrio132cpiahz5.th.jpg fashionrio1351cpiatp9.th.jpg

    fashionrio1361cpiagz4.th.jpg fashionrio1371cpiand2.th.jpg

    fashionrio138cpiaju0.th.jpg fashionrio139cpiabz5.th.jpg

    fashionrio140cpiaja3.th.jpg fashionrio141cpiafv8.th.jpg

    fashionrio142cpiaob8.th.jpg fashionrio143cpiamr1.th.jpg

    fashionrio144cpiafo3.th.jpg fashionrio145cpiasu0.th.jpg

    fashionrio146cpiaka5.th.jpg fashionrio147cpiazg9.th.jpg

    fashionrio149cpiaxe9.th.jpg fashionrio150cpiaxk3.th.jpg


    Yes, I know i'm lucky. :D

    There's more to come

    how coooooooool, Ana looks good, better than she was at least

    you have much luck! :drool:

  2. giWjxk.jpg

    Per the third consecutive year Gisele Bündchen it is the girl-propaganda of the German mark Joop. Gisele was photographed by Craig McDean and pocketed US$ more than 2 million to make the campaign.

    Fonte- www.globo.com

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