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  1. ...having trouble getting back into the habit of posting in forums. My schedule has been hectic ever since chilaX closed. It is just too time-consuming to read and reply in lots of threads. I may not be around very often, but I think about you guys all the time.

    Take care,

    Uncle Mike

  2. I just noticed above, that there is a link to Carsten's Forum. I like Carsten and his site, so don't get me wrong, but why is that link OK to be posted, while Josie_Addict is forbidden to mention his Josie-only forum?

    That is not right! :huh:

    BTW, what happened to the dark background in this forum? I find the white background and pale blue text to be annoying. :(

  3. If you don't allow Josie_Addict to post the name of his site, then how will other fans of Josie know about it? :(

    I plan to be there and here. I don't consider it to be your "competitor", so what's the harm? chilaX didn't mind, so why do you?

  4. nquinnathome1 here, same name as before - nice to see Uncle Mike here - was hoping for a few Josie fans. Actually - nice to see all of you here - hi chilaXers!  :)

    Thanks, fellow Josie fan. Have you been to JosieFreaks Forum? :)

  5. ???

    Maybe I'm being stupid.  But weren't there SI & General Swimwear threads on chilax?  What happened to them?

    They are still there. They disappear from view, due to lack of activity. Go into Josie's section, and scroll to the bottom of the page. You'll be able to "Show Topics" by searching for "Topics in the last 60 or 90 days". ;)

  6. The forum looks good, guys. Great job. Thanks, again, for creating it. I'm trying to save as much of chilaX as I can, so I'll be spending most of my time there until it closes. I'll be here fulltime after then. BTW, I like the name "LimaX". Is it a keeper? :D

  7. Hi, Boys and Girls. Uncle Mike is here! :D

    Thanks, Az and neo, for letting me know about this site. It's almost 4am here, and I need sleep. See ya'll later. ;)

    PS: Maybe there's a chance that I can keep up with dan6er0us' posts in here? :laugh:

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