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  1. Several years ago, I was hooked on watching the Univision Network. I saw Thalia in telenovelas, interview shows, and musical programs. I thought she was amazing! I don't know how she is as a person, but she seemed like a sweet angel. She had a sweet voice, a precious smile, and a child-like giggle. I enjoyed her older Spanish tunes, but haven't kept up with her newer stuff. ;)

  2. I watched Enrique's concert last night. His voice and the music were incredible. I even enjoyed hearing a few songs that I didn't really like when they were on the radio. The live versions are so much better. Check it out. ;)

  3. You guys do know that Deryck is married to Avril Lavigne, right? Lucky guy! :D

    One of the songs on Avril's MySpace page is "With Me" by Sum41. It sounds really good. She has the entire song, while Sum41 only has a clip of the song on their page. I wish they were going to be the opening act on her tour. ;)

  4. I finally solved the problem with MSN Concerts. It wasn't the site, afterall. I kept playing with the settings in WMP. I changed my Connection Speed from Auto-Detect to DSL/384Kbps, and it worked. ;)

    The concert was really good. Naturally, most of her songs were meant to be done in a faster pace, but still it was nice to hear them a little slower. Her voice really did shine during most of them. :wub:

    The concert is still available, if you haven't seen it yet. I guess it will always be a part of MSN's Concert Archive. :)

  5. Get over to http://music.msn.com/shakira and watch her Oral Fixation Concert. It's the premier of her DVD.

    Es Muy Caliente!!! :D

    She looks so hot, especially with her reddish-brown hair. And her voice is absolutely amazing! :wub:

    The concert will be viewable after today, if you can't make it over. It will be part of MSN's Concert Archive. ;)

    I fell in love with Shakira back in '96. I had gotten hooked on Spanish TV & Music, and I saw her on an awards show. She had fiery-red hair, and the prettiest smile. She got up on stage, and just blew me away. I bought her then-current CD "Donde Estan Los Ladrones", and literally listened to it every single day for 2 months. I've never gotten tired of hearing it. :wub:


    Now we have a 6-game streak! NJ beat Montreal 4-0 tonight! :D

    Marty got another shut-out, and Zach Parise got his very first Hat-Trick. What a night! :)

  6. Avril was interviewed after her performance on DWTS. She talks about her new tour: full of energy, costume changes to reflect her many different styles from the past to the present, a couple of songs with just her & a guitar, and a couple of songs with dancers - not the whole show as had been rumored. She'll also be touring for the entire year, so that means she'll be heading to places outside U.S./Canada. Check it out. ;)

    (Thanks go to dumbhead at the Forum in www.avrillavigne.com)


    I watched a good game on Wed. The Dallas Stars were riding a 6-game winning streak. They jumped on NJ with 2 early goals, but that only "awakened a sleeping giant". NJ stormed back with 4 unanswered goals to win game.

    The Devils now have a 5-game winning streak. :D

  7. Avril performed in concert on Oct 16th. It was at The Roxy Theater in LA. She did an acoustic-type style. She wanted the chance to present her songs and her voice in a bit more of an adult-contemporary setting. She sounded really good, and so did the songs. They were still close to "Rockin", and not like an easy-listening genre. But, if she continues to evolve as she ages, she will still be having hit records at 40. I hope so. ;)

    The concert was re-broadcast on MSN Music yesterday, but there was a problem with the Website. The pre-concert commercial played just fine, but the concert video kept pausing while it was loading. I eventually got tired of the interruptions, and closed it. My DSL Modem was showing constant activity, and changing the Buffer Settings in Windows Media Player didn't make any difference. :(

    Has anyone else had any experience with MSN Concerts? http://music.msn.com/inconcert

    They appear to have an archive of concerts, but I'm not sure if you can watch them whenever you want, or just when they present them. ;)

  8. Shi Yan reported that Josie will be dancing again on DWTS this Tues, Nov 27th. It's the Season Finale. They will feature all the contestants, and then announce the winner. I just hope they are nicer to her this time.

  9. i don't like her anymore... she was awesome on her first two CD's but now she's completely different.

    i thought when she performed "Complicated" on Dancing with the Stars that it was terrible!

    i'd like to rip the pink streak out of her hair. it's annoying.

  10. Avril performed really well at the AMA and on Dancing With The Stars. She sounded great, but her band didn't harmonize with her very well. It could have been related to the acoustics of the stage, or the pitch of the guys' voices. I think she should get some female back-up singers. ;)

    Thanks for those pics, Omac. :wub:


    New Jersey beat Philadelphia, 6 to 2, the other night. It was great to see them playing well, for a change. They've been "shooting blanks" too many times this year. ;)

    Martin Brodeur got his 500th victory! Patrick Roy is the only goalie who has more wins (551), but he is now retired, and Marty will surpass that mark sometime in the 2008-09 season. :D

    I saw a good game tonight. Edmonton beat Vancouver in a Shoot-out. Those are exciting endings to watch. :)

    Finally, The NHL Network is available in the U.S. I get it via DIRECTV, but several Cable Systems have added it.

    It's 24/7 Hockey coverage: live games, previews, news, post-game reports, Minor League games, and replays of Classic games. I Love It!!! :D

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