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    I mean I'm trying to search for anything new besides the pictures on gettyimages.com. I'm trying to find new pictures or a place to somehow purchase this book.
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    Now is this book "Sexy Volume 3" out for retail or what? I am having so much trouble looking for anything on this book and event.
  3. I personally think the eyebrows raise too high at the end. Yeah it's at a funny angle... but there doesn't seem to have any curves. This picture looks like its almost diagonal. Then the eyebrows begin really close to eachother. Ale's eyebrows starts almost at the tip where her eyes starts. Plus look at Ale's left ear... right if you're lookin at her. Ale's left ear does have a similar shape... but Ale's earlobe is very round at the bottom end and sticks out more. Sorry I'm if sounding crazy... but I just can't see this being Ale. I love Ale to death... and if this is a picture of her... it looks like the most distorted pic of her I've ever seen.
  4. I would put money that it's NOT her. After all the pictures of Ale I've seen... this doesn't look like her.
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    Is there a chance that someone can post the new diaries from Ale's website? I mean Ale looks drop dead smokin' in that Lara Croft outfit for Halloween. Wish someone has those photos.
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