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  1. I love Leo but, I can't take his love life seriously anymore. He is a man boy who uses women, then when things get to serious he runs.  He needs to grow up and stop dating these little girls! Its very immature. Yes 29 is better than 20 or 19 but, its still very young. He  looks like an old man creeper with these young girls.   It makes sense that he would wait to date until the Oscars were over  because he doesn't want to hurt his image and chances of losing.  I'm probably going to get attacked for this and that's ok, because I think deep down everyone here knows I'm right.

  2. I am so excited for Leo on his very first SAG win!  Definitely the best moment of the night. Then to top it off, his giant hug from Kate! She looked so happy and excited for him. And his smile after seeing her was so sweet. I swear those two belong together!:mf_cupid: 


    Now its on to the BAFTA's and then the Academy Awards. For anyone here who is worried he might not get it, don't be. Last night's win pretty much sealed the deal for Oscar night!! :56608ab60b1b8_hellyea!:

    10 hours ago, BarbieErin said:

    Leo's rough hair... haha.  



    hair (1).jpg

    Ok. So my first thought when I saw this was that he was going for Channing Tatum's Golden Globes look. Which I absolutely hated by the way! And then I just wanted to reach through the TV and fix it for him. :laugh:


    3 hours ago, SweetGaby said:


    This is so sweet! Jacob Tremblay is absolutely adorable. I hope Leo and him get to work together one day. :heart:

  3. 28 minutes ago, FashionDream said:

    Michael Caine brings up Leo in this.... I don't really like the way he said it but hey he did say he loved leo





    Tom Oneil allegedly has a new podcast mentioning the Revenant screening issue for SAG and how it could effect Leo. I didn't listen to it myself, but I hope it is a non issue.

    I saw podcast he did a while back.  I personally don't like the guy. He is not rooting for Leo. When all the critics were choosing Leo's performance to win all major awards, he wanted Fassbender to win. I'm positive that the SAG voters saw it in plenty of time. Otherwise why would Leo even be considered? Tom Oniel's just saying this because he's probably pissed his choice is not winning anything.

  4. 5 hours ago, Shandy said:

    Yay, Leo! I just knew you'd take it. If you win the SAG, you're pretty much certain to win the Oscar.

    The next two big awards are the SAG on January 30th and BAFTA on  February 14th. We'll have to wait and see but, with him winning the Globe and now Critics Choice, I'm betting he'll be a shoe in. I've watched too many of these award shows to know how it works lol! 


    It's such an exciting time to be a fan! I'm sure like many of you here, I've waited years for Leo to be the front-runner. It's been  amazing to see him get all the recognition he FINALLY deserves for The Revenant.  It's HIS time!!!:excited:

  5. 18 minutes ago, FashionDream said:

    I see Matt Damon is there, they really highlighted his presence in the beginning. And they really highlighted the people that "showed up" 

    im sure they wouldn't want a lot of their winners to be no shows, it wouldn't look good for their show. So we'll see if there are other winners who weren't there.

    i swear they better give this award to Leo! Even if this award show is not as important as the others I want Leo to sweep and I want no other actor to have opportunity to build momentum. :p 

    This award show is just as important. Whom ever wins Critics Choice and the SAG is a shoe for the  Oscar! :D

  6. I am so excited and happy that Leo is finally getting the recognition he deserves. Seeing him accept the Golden Globe on Sunday night to a standing ovation warmed my heart and put tears in my eyes! And seeing Aleanjdro and the movie win was the icing on the cake! :excited:


    Leo, Aleanjdro and Tom were interviewed by Chris Connolly on Nightline last night!  Enjoy! :D


  7. I just got back from The Revenant  and all I have to say is, if he does not win every single award for this movie, there is seriously something wrong. I have never seen a performance like that on a movie screen ever. He was absolutely outstanding!! What an accomplishment!!!  Not only were ALL the performances amazing but, it was visually stunning as well. This is definitely on my list of favorite Leo performances and movies! Absolutely incredible!!!!!!!! :excited:


    1 hour ago, Jade Bahr said:

    No words :sex:


    Hmmm he's looking good!!! I will be on the hunt for this cover tomorrow!! :boff:

  8. On ?1?/?1?/?2016 at 1:50 AM, Leo lover said:

    Box Office Update :excited:

    $ 800,384 as of December 30, 2015 nearly a million in 5 days with only 4 theaters showing. 



    So awesome!!! I can't wait to see it on Friday :D


    I can't believe the Golden Globes are next Sunday! I'm excited to see what happens. I bought this shirt to wear for the award shows! Hopefully it will bring Leo some good luck. :excited:



    team dicaprio.jpg





    Finally, on only four screens, Leonardo DiCaprio and his bear are expected to have a final weekend gross of $445,000 for an outstanding per screen of $111,250. The Revenant grossed about $150K today

    I'm excited that the movie is doing so well on only a few screens. Thanks for sharing Ox


    Here is another interview I found with Jason Kennedy from E! I absolutely love the Teo bromance! These two would be so much fun to have at a party! :stormy:



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