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  1. I can't tell you how much I agree with just about everything you all said. This whole post was nothing but facts but this right here is the one. I always felt that Emanuela would have made a great angel. The girl had everything, the personality/charisma, the walk, THE BODY, and she seemed to work well with the other angels/models and VS team (Russell James seemed to adore her). It's like VS swapped her out for Lais and I'm sorry but till this day I don't think Lais was the right choice out of the two. She is pretty with an amazing body and seems sweet but she tends to get overshadowed and fall in to the background a lot and even with her getting to open segments and wearing the fantasy bra she still seems to be the current least followed/popular angel out of her angel group (Taylor, Jas, Sara, Elsa, est). I always felt this way when it came to Candice. I'm not as big of a fan of hers as I was when she first started with VS but I will give credit were it is due, and say girl has/had one of THE most amazing body and she would always kill it when it came to the commercials and print work. Say what you want about her but she was one of VS best angel choices in recent years imo. Now what VS messed up with when it came to Candice was shoving her down everyone's throat as their new "It Girl" angel at that time. I get that VS has to have their lead angel(s) so to speak one that becomes the main face(s) of the brand (Gisele had her time, Adriana had hers) but it seemed like with Candice VS went into overdrive to push/promote at the expense of the other angels. Them pushing her so hard actually ended up somewhat backfiring and instead some people (such as myself) just ended tired of seeing her on everything VS. All the overexposure from VS did was just further exposed Candice's' unenthusiastic personality and prove no matter how much they pushed her that deep down she didn't really have what it took to fully step out of her comfort zone and become the HBIC so to speak in VS like Tyra, Heidi, Gisele, and Adriana did. Funny thing is VS (Sophia) had talked down on Kate Upton but at the time she was the so called blonde bombshell of that era with bubbly/fun personalty that was able to catch the general public's attention, was very popular in commercial and gaining high fashion traction, was getting covers left and right, interviews, est. Her career may not be anything spectacular now but Kate pretty much had become everything VS had wanted Candice to be at that time.
  2. @Andrew Van Der Hypp same to you and yours.❤️
  3. Mann I miss Maryna Linchuk she was one of my faves and I loved how she was able to do both commercial and high fashion so seamlessly and had an amazing body and walk to boot. She was one of the best in the 2010 show especially in another one of my fave segments "Tough Love". Speaking of favorite segments from the 2010 show "Wild Things" is still a good and underrated segment imo. It's one of the segments I go back and re watch. Some of the outfits were questionable but I loved the music, models, and all the other dramatics and who could forget Emanuela De Paula giving us a moment and nothing but bawdy in that segment.🔥
  4. Nope your not, those shows were by no means perfect but they still had some pretty good models, segments, outfits, moments, and even sometimes music choices. I even liked liked some segments from 2009 show "All Aboard" and "Enchanted Forest" being my faves. After 2013 is when the show really started falling off in my opinion everything from 2014-2016 is one big blur to me that's how bad/unmemorable they were to me. The only reason the 2017 show stands out for me because of that whole China Visa mess and 2018 because it was Adriana's final show and now will be their last televised show.
  5. I really like your take/theory on that scene. That actually sounds way better than how things are actually turning out tbh. And I agree I don't think anyone should sit on the throne because in the end, it'll just be the same mess rinse and repeat.
  6. Seeing this I always thought the throne room being covered in snow meant that winter would finally come to King's Landing especially with everything being destroyed with holes in the ceiling (probably from the Night King riding Viserion) and it was sort of a foreshadowing/secret message to Dany that there were more important and greater things out there to worry about than the Iron Throne and that at the end she will realize she has a greater purpose than becoming Queen of the seven kingdoms but helping to stop the white walkers with army of the dead (hence her getting close to the throne but not touching it instead walking away to save her dragons) because if they don't stop the dead there won't be anything to even rule over. Idk that's how I took this vision/scene as but I guess that probably would have been too predictable, fanfic, or whatever and in a way some of those those things kinda of are/did happening just in a different way i guess.
  7. Judging by this latest episode the spoilers are true.😐 And I agree about Jon. The only time I was interested in his character was when it was some kind of action or the Night King involved other than that I find the character very bland at least on the show.
  8. If those spoiler come to be true mannnnn......😲
  9. I'm really interested and bit excited to see how they do the holiday commercial and how it turns out this year especially with the addition of the new angels. Hopefully they actually do a full fledged legit holiday commercial and not whatever that was last year's commercial....
  10. On the Erin H Topic: Financial problems aside, I always got a sort of sad/insecure vibe about her. Even in her early VS days as an angel she always seemed to be fighting some personal demons behind closed doors. I remember her doing an interview at some VS launch with the other angels and when she was being interviewed she was practically holding back tears while discussing how she wanted to be a good role model and to uplift other young girls and for them to not let the industry get to them and to above all love yourself. The modeling industry can be toxic and you have to have a really strong mindset, confidence, support system, est for the industry to not get to you. I think like a lot of women/girls Erin was probably dealing with insecurities maybe even depression and fell victim to the modeling industry. And her working with VS probably didn't make things better. All things said and done I hope she finds peace mentally, physically, and emotionally and gets her financial problems in order and finds a good/different career for herself. New Angels: I love Leomie her energy and confidence has always been A1, I always wanted Barbara to become an angel but I low key feel like her opportunity to really be VS's "It Girl Angel" like Adriana and Candice has passed, I never really been on the Grace hype train but she seems promising, and Alexinia I'm 50/50 with right now.
  11. That's a beautiful painting.❤️ As much as I love dragons in this show I wish the direwolves had just as much focus/importance.
  12. Merry Christmas hun xD xoxoxo Wishing you all the best!!

  13. Agree, I hope she continues to do the show and I'm interested to see how she would do in print work with the VS. I also hope they contine to work with Cindy. She has the face and the body that fit perfectly with the brand and she was another standout for me in the show this year. And I always thought Joan would be a great angel ever as well.
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