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  1. I go nuts seeing screenshots of "Kelly Bundy" like this.
  2. From the tv series "Family" during the mid 1970's. I wish the quality was better because those tits are spectacular here.
  3. Meredith and her huge jugs from and episode of Family Ties.
  4. Here's Bo during 1994 from a movie called "Shattered Image." The movie is just awful. But Bo and her great boobs certainly will make it worthwhile viewing. ~ If there are a lot of porn advertising at the hosting side, it should be given a warning. Thanks. - Edited by Carmelita. ~ /monthly_08_2012/post-61668-0-1446097742-39877_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="4016792" alt="post-61668-0-1446097742-39877_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="121.57"> /monthly_08_2012/post-61668-0-1446097742-41013_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="4016793" alt="post-61668-0-1446097742-41013_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="122.47">
  5. Here are some screen captures of our bosomy heroine from a tv movie called "Having Babies." It's from 1976. And yes fellas. Those are very real.
  6. Thanks. I managed to have a good vhs copy of the episode in my collection, which I then transferred to dvdr in order to make the screen captures. I'll have more soon. I've got several episodes of Maude and most of Adrienne's movies.
  7. Ha! Who could blame him?! I am sure she enjoyed all of the attention.
  8. During the "Married With Children" run, it was obvious in some of the scenes that Ed O'Neill had is mind and eyes on something more than just the script. He was clearly focusing on Christina's boobs, taking advantage of every opportunity he was given by her. Here are some dvd captures proving just that. Please do not consider these captures as being in poor taste due to the fact that Christina has had a double mastectomy. I wish her the best of health always.
  9. Here are some screen captures from the "Maude" tv series of the 1970's.
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