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  1. I believe my favourate model Giorgos Tsetis is signed to 'Wilhelmina NY'. But the Wilhelmina site would only let clients from within the industry register. Since I am not working in the fashion industry, I am not able to register to the site. I just wonder whether anyone here is able to check if there is a portfolio for Giorgos Tsetis on that site. If so, assuming this won't violate any rules, would it be possible for someone to post the pictures here? Of course, if this is not allowed by the Wilhelmina site, please leave this. I really like Bellazon.com so I don't want to cause any trouble here. I don't understand why Wilhelmina won't make any of their model pictures public. This is quite a different approach compared to the most other agencies. I guess they must have their reasons. Thanks for reading my post and thank you for any help in advance!
  2. Hi cest.moi, Back in the days, from the late 90's to 2008, a brazilian website terra.com used to publish pictures of models. Each month a model would be photographed for 10-13 galleries of pictures. Each gallery consists of 5-10 pictures. Usually the last 2-3 galleries were member only - i.e. only people registered with the site were able to access. Anyone outside Brazil was not able to register. The male model would be 'Terra the Boy'. The female model would be 'Terra the Girl'. For the boys, the pictures were usually nicely done but tend to be a bit teasing with sexy shots, e.g. topless, shirtless, swimwear. Usually the 'member only' galleries were a bit more revealing, e.g. underwear, side nudity or very occassionally rear nudity. Even so, they strategically blocked any real nudity so you wouldn't see frontal nudity and the photos were not 'porn' feel. Cristiano Madureira, a brazilian photographer, did most of the shots for the site during that period of time. Didio, another brazilian photographer, contirbuted to the site in the later years. A few other photographers also did some work for the site but not as much as these two. The site often picked new and upcoming brazilian models at the time. Usually these were real fashion models and not some random guys. Raphael Laus (2002), Matheus Verdelho (2005), Rodrigo Calazans (2007), Lucas Malvacini (2009), Marlon Di Gregori (2009), just to name a few. They did the shots for the site when they were still relatively unknown but managed to estiblish a modelling career later. I think the site published the last 'Terra the Boy' in December 2009.
  3. Liika, thank you for your reply. Much appreciated!
  4. Hi everyone, I am new here and this is my first post. Hope it is appropriate to post this new topic here. Lately I have 'discovered' a model named Giorgos Tsetis. He did catalog work for Saks Fifth Avenue around 2010. I managed to search for a couple of pictures of his work from the internet but that's is. The SAKS site only carries the new arrivals and no archived items on the site. This is the same for most clothing sites that sell SAKS clothes. This means that most of his modelling work would have gone forever. As much as I believe this is the case and it is a pity that I only noticed Giorgos until now, I was also wonderig if you ever come across a site or blog where posting back catalogs of stores such as SAKS, H&M etc. There are sites where back catalogs of entertainment magazines (such as the Rolling Stone) are avaliable. Just curious whether similar ones exist for fashion. Anyway, million thanks for everyone who posted pictures in this forum. I certainly enjoy a lot of your nice work! dk
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